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Victims of Witch-Hunting and CRARN, the Film was Produced

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On 10th July 2015, our Volunteer team from SWACIN (Support Women & Children in Nigeria) went to Eket in Akwa Ibom state and met Mr. Sam Itauma, our non-profit's Trustee and the orphans who are victims of witch-hunting and abandoned children by their parents. The movie is 25 minutes long showing the running, playing, laughing, eating children with Mr.Itauma. The interview took place by asking Mr. Itauma about what is witch-craft, how he manages the operation, the challenges he faces in running the orphanage. Children also are interviewed how they were abused, abandoned, and brought to the facility. SWACIN now is creating “How to Remove Superstition?” seminar for the indigene by the help of volunteers, Ms. Misa Kojima in Tokyo and Jane Okereke in Cross river state by tossing each other the write-up, conversing, correcting, revising to one another. Please join us today and add your own values! Contact at

The seminar is developed through discussion, skype, tel-conference with the other members. One of our major activities of SWACIN is to prevent serious child abuse in the name of Witch hunting that used to happen in Europe, and still now in Nigeria and the rest of the Africa. Witch-hunting may not be known in your countries but it is spread across villages, big cities like Lagos where children are identified suddenly as witches in the churches, become subject of witch-hunting, and even today they are under accusation. SWACIN’s counter-part CRARN, (Childs Rights Rehabilitation Network) work together to put stop on such discrimination and our non-profit is building workshop “Removing Superstition” and work toward ending the superstition in Nigeria. While you are in your country other than Nigeria, you can still join the activities to work on prevention and protection of the children. We duly appreciate your effort even a little time to contribute.

Hideko N.

South and Central Asia
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