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VOF Week 2: (A link of endless possibilities).

I was browsing the Awid site of which am a member when I came across the call for participation for the World Pulse Voices of the Future. The phrases "exciting new international women's correspondent network" and "use new media to speak for themselves to the world, transform their communities, and change their own lives" tugged at me and I quickly clicked to the link and I was directed to the World Pulse page.

As I read the details of the program and what it would entail,I had to apply. As an performing artist, activist and mother the ability and opportunity to speak for myself and talk about the challenges and successes of daily life in a developing country is important. I need to be heard and listened to. I need to share my story and those of the women around me. As a performing artist I have done this on a theatre stage, and in a market place in a remote part of Kenya, I have told of my experiences and those of women I have met to a local audience. Voice of the future is an international stage and with the help of WEB 2.O an enormous participatory global audience. It will provide me not only to speak, share and tell of my experiences but interact instantaneously with my audience.

I want to tell the life story of the young Kenyan woman and girl child , the challenges they face living in a a traditionally patriarchal society that wants to embrace modernity selectively. A society in which men preach water and drink wine, talking of women's rights as human rights but belittling any women who would dare stand before men seeking elective leadership in "traditionally men's positions".

With the remarkable response, if not chosen as one of the 30 corespondents just participant in the process that leads to the selection of the 30 is a privilege and once in a life time chance that will impact me and my immediate community for a long time.

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