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It’s exactly 2pm l am just about to write down my final lines to the VOF application the journey has been a monumental one.A rather challenging and mind boggling what with the exciting topical issues that keep you thinking more and more how to put down the ideas. Back to the assignment was looking at my small niece the other day and admired the innocence in her eyes, in retrospect as l compared her with the younger version of me in my photo album. The ups and downs that life has taken me through, the growing up while reluctantly accepting that not everything has to go my way. The network through the pulse has rejuvenated within me that fighting spirit that life has to go on, empathizing with a pulser’s situation dawns the realization upon me that there are people who are badly of and l should thank my creator for each day.

However to be the person that l am today is drawn from the need to have a purpose driven life that will propel my destiny to greater heights one that is akin to what pulse wire has currently embarked on. The realization of this is pegged on the values my life relies upon, my beliefs systems, principles and ideals .Amidst my selected values are there any that limit my growth, development and realization of my vision as a person.l am an ardent listener to Joel and Victoria Osteen, there inspiring messages motivated my creation of a growth plan which is similar to the vision that one is to create for their life. My growth plan is threefold; academic, personal and institutional. Each has a quantifiable value and measurable target that will seek to ensure that there is a “value add” ultimately

Prior hands on exposure in management inclined my adoption of the SWOT-Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and threat as an evaluation and antidote mechanism to any impending hampering encounter.

Image is everything. You always have to be your best, in my short experience with pulse wire empathizing with another and undertaking the daunting task of making the next sister realizing the same thing online calls for one thing; Mentorship. It is the easiest and fastest method of expressing ideas to small groups that will be assigned the task of scrutinizing and performing tasks that will later be shared within the online network while inviting views for constructive criticism.

Men are from mars and women are from Venus. Through pulse wire Auma a pulse wire grassroots correspondent on an international scale is able to voice out her experience and challenges on living with the virus. Being an advocate l would be an ardent proponent for online gender activism through mentorship.

Women tirelessly work to cater for and mould their children for future generations. Experiences that she has gone through have at times made her coil at the thought of being exposed to ; HIV, loss of a child or spouse, security of her young child amongst others. Harsh or receptive, warm or distant, her heart is by and large reflective of her personal experiences and wider community have moulded her to be. In Kenya for instance patriarchy rules the day; a woman is to be submissive to her husband inspite of the expectations that a rudimentary cultural system will bring her way. Stories are told by our mothers of how we are to endure the wrath of an abusive husband in the name of love yet it not only poses a danger to ones reproductive health ; exposure to HIV but also reducing the sanctity of the woman’s life. The Pulse wire community that has been created through the network will revolutionaries the ingenuity of the woman’s thought process through communication on the blogs that have been availed; wonders of modern technology at the press of a button. Like a child for pulse wire to grow it has to be nurtured and tended for the benefit of the entire community. That is upon reflection that l realize for pulse wire to grow Lynda Banja has to love me and do so by creating time for me and loving me to make pulse wire the best social community network!

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