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VOF Week 4- (“Would like to have a full face”)


I would like to change the women life and give our self a full face, because I think we are living our lives but with half liberty and control on our body. We could not even take a decision about when and how many children we want. In my opinion the body is ours not the others who are taking the decision when we have to bring a new life and have sex. Do not have the liberty to enjoy sex on our demands. In some ways, most of us become a working machine who works for others satisfaction not for ours.

In Pakistan rural areas, if a woman wants to go anywhere even at doctor’s clinic she has to be accompanied by any male even a 5 – 10 years child could give her protection.
Therefore, for our fellow citizens I would like to give an identity, a status, and individuality. A space where she could relax, a place where she could think about her self and involve her in some creative activities which she would like to do or she could have a freedom to express herself in a way she likes to do.

I would like to change a phrase mostly used in our society that “be brave and courageous like a man” What do you all think about this change? I think, it is the change we need to make because we are the creatures who give birth to the next generation or in other words who are responsible for the creation of a new life circle. On this behalf, we could demand an assistance ship of God. I am talking in this scenario, because last week my sister gave birth to a girl child. At that time, when I saw her in pain and realized her courage I thought what a painful process we all passed and still blamed as weak and coward creature of the world.

If you read my previous journals then you could realize that how this World pulse changes my life and me. It gives me new ways of thinking, it pushed me to think about my self and have the liberty to enjoy my self by taking out some silent moments. It also pushes to take steps to discover ourselves.

Therefore, in the way I am getting too much from world pulse, I got words to say and many more things, which I could not mention. It empowered me a lot but I still need more improvement, which in turn I will use to bring changes in others life.

When I am writing a journal, I do not have any fear. I am writing in a way of loud thinking. I do not know how you all will take this but if I become a bit louder then I would like to sorry in anticipation.

Sorry I have much more to write but nowadays we as an organization busy in a training of master trainers so If I could not reply any mail then please give me margin in this reference . I will be able to respond you all after 21st April.
See you then and looking forward to hear who the winners are.

South and Central Asia
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