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VOW week FOUR - the feminine vision of life and transformation

I WAS shoked when i saw the Assignment for this week and the learning material - i have suffered my personal failure with a man and i am at my home place just surrounded by mountains.May be i have placed here or the situation have put me in a position to be in stillness and lonelyness and to think over the DIVINE FEMININE. If i was at my previous position as a prosecutor or a judge i would never have this possibility.And may be transforming life,our community and the global community is more thrilling when i use my intellect and intution - for the bright people the power is relentless, they can rule in alternative ways such as using World Pulse and PulseWire.

The feminine is a force,psychological in nature , while feminism ia political in nature.The feminine symbolizes particuLAR ASPECTS OF SPIRITUAL OR PSYCHI REALITY, aplicable to men and women and it is activated in times of extreme crisis in a new way and order.IN FACT MASCULINITY AND FEMINITY CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD in isolation from one another,only in relation to one another.
THE life enrgy is generated from the tension of the opposites and flows from its unconscious state to the conscious - reconciling the both in the wholeness of the psyche.UNDERSTOOD IN HTIS WAY the struggle for womens rights and the search for non-patriarchal,feminine modes of being are not simply a platform for feminist activist - they are a human concept vital to each individual and should be studied and understood as completely as possible. SO i will read other womens stories,because i want to enlarge my experience,culture and contacts and to help the transformation of my community for bette r and of the globe as well.
The feminine experiences time as dynamic rhythms and cycles in contrast to static mathematics. The moon symbolizes feminine time and represents the mysterious,unconscious, and feminine rhythms of growth and fertility.birth and death,ascending and declining.
THE feminine activity is a way not of controlling but of submitting to a process that is simply happening of its own - only in our feminine aspect can we pray truly and deeply - Not my will but thine be done.
iI want ot be a Correspondent at World pulse,beacuse in a mutual work with other women,sharing our country events,problems from a feminine perspective I THINK THAT I CAN CONTRUBUTE to the solving of the crise at the moment - just beacuse the feminine comes in times of crisis,beacuse when the society or the individula has ceased to live in accordance with the ordering principle of creation, part of the feminine linked with the security,viatlity and hope is opened tothe spirit to find the best solutions for survival of our community or the globe as a whole.
I CAN EVEN make my group of students to teach them in techniques of concentration,developing of intution and telepathy and othe high virtues of spiritual charakter - in fact this can be done from my homeplace as well,if i am not chosen for a Correspondent. II can present my pieces of art as collages,mascs,amulets and teach other women how to make them,just because when a person os thinkking about beauty and love he can overcome all difficulties in life such as illnesses, disorders and so on and this activity can be done on a global scale as well,interpreting all my beliefs and goals,pointed above. What si more forms of art play a big role on th emotions of the public and can achieve unbeliavable influence.

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