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We have what no one has during COVID-19 pandemic

We are all facing a global health crisis. Perhaps it's a reminder of the past deeds and decisions of the human race of manipulating the planet whichever way we deemed fit and now nature has it's own way to level out and make us see that the earth is a shared environment we share with plants and animals and other living beings and does not belong to just us. For those who believe that COVID-19 came from China, think again. A pandemic was inevitable from the way humans have destroyed ecosystems, mass at- scale deforestation, urbanization and industrialization poisoning our water bodies or destroying them. Animals and living beings and microbes are bound to be displaced from their natural habitats to cross over to the other side. Coronavirus animal to human transmission has a lot to do with what meets the eye. Let us retract our steps, reflect, charter a new course of learning to co-habit, respect other living beings and tide through COVID-19 pandemic by following government directives of social distancing and self quarantine. I wish all my sisters great health, resilience, positivity of spirit and god's grace during this challenging times. World Pulse women have a great advantage during these stay-at-home times, we can read stories on and comment on them to encourage each other. We can get acquainted to more women on World Pulse and learn about the wonderful work they do. We can converse with them to see if there are any common goals and work at a collaboration. The possibilities are endless and we must realise the advantage of this connection facilitated by digital technology which has the power of retention of social ties even amidst a pandemic, war, social unrest or catastrophes. We have something that no one has- we have a thriving, pulsating, vibrating sisterhood of 70,000 sisters spread across 190 countries, that's almost the entire earth. There is an old saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going! And we know we are tough, sisters and its the time for us to get going on what we do best- building connections and bridges between people using digital technology and using technology to solve a global or local problem. Wishing us all the best!

Prayers and hugs from Bengaluru, India


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