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We keep moving!

It's been a wonderful 16 days activism against violence against women and girls.

In life Aid, we have done our bits. We couldn't just lie low and let this great opportunity pass us by.

We used the social media so well. We put up the awareness that  the violence against women and girls just has to stop.

The cultural norms and practices of which some are harmful to women and girls were made by humans! And because patriarchy influenced some of these norms ,the women are at the receiving end.

But we are first humans before any other thing, to stop any practice that harms our women and girls,  is only humane . We as a people must come together to look at cultures and traditions that harm anyone of us.

If one of us is hurt by our cultures, it is enough to reconsider and put an end to it.

One is enough to fight for. A pain to one is pain to all.

Unfortunately, many women and girls are still kept bound by practices such as Female Genital Mutilation, scarification, breast pressing, child marriage, sexual violence , domestic violence , period Stigma etc.

During the 16 days of activism, as we had a meeting with girls to debunk some of the myths sorrounding menstruation and address period Stigma,and a girl blew out minds away when she shared how sometimes ago, she stood up in class to go ease herself, and suddenly a boy pushed her back to her sit,while she was still wondering why he did that, he quickly took off his cardigan , offered it to her and said, "you will need to tie around your waist", and he walked away before she decoded that she was stained.


Now for a guy to do that in this part of the world, it is huge! Our boys ( Who are the major jeerers and shamers of girls stained during periods) are getting educated!  We are moving. Though not in leaps and bounds but surely, we are moving.

I look and work for the day a girl is free to be all she can be. It is possible.


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