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Weaving a Web of Women Across the World

A quick surf of the World Wide Web is just what I need to start my day…everyday. A snapshot of the world in near real-time always gives me a great sense of wakefulness - of being a small component of a big world that is in effect not so big. Immediacy has been redefined; it is incredible to say the least. It is this ability to stay current that really excites me about Web 2.0. The convergence of so many media is a boost to my creativity, particularly my three great loves -photography, writing and film. Everyday I learn something new.

And that’s not all. The fact I can write, edit, and disseminate my thoughts and opinions, defiant and dissimilar as they are, to so many people is quite liberating – no nasty gatekeepers to silence me! Nothing beats the independence of doing what I enjoy while sharing my thoughts on things that interest me most and with like-minded people. Sometimes I simply like Web 2.0 as it enables me to reconnect with long lost friends and make new ones, regardless of the physical barriers.Time and space are now seemingly inconsequential.

For women, Web 2.0 is the perfect tool to help remove the gag over our mouths. To help us interact amongst ourselves for a common cause. To strategize on new ways to claim and enjoy our rights. To share widely on lobby and advocacy actions that can be replicated. To educate and inform each other on our universal and lived struggles and triumphs. To strengthen one another as well as understand each other as women. To create one big voice that will be heard across borders and bring rights violators to account. To take the women’s struggle a step further as our story is rewritten from our own perspective. To help women organize and build a global collective that will raise awareness for action and transform women's lives.

For me, the information revolution is an exciting phenomenon and there are no limits as to how much I can learn. When I contemplate a world without social media within the context of my country Zimbabwe, the picture is a bleak one. Mainstream media, has long suffered under repressive laws and general mistrust from the state. Their reach and influence has always been restricted and the population starved of information. Web 2.0 offers an avenue for uninhibited communication (with responsibility) that fosters freethinking and tolerance. Through the use of Web 2.0 I have and can continue to be a Truth-seeker and Story-teller. Now I can tell my story louder than before. This far it has helped me grow as a writer, giving and receiving criticism and feedback. I can be more aware of the world of women through their personal stories. I can organize my ideas well for wider sharing on the situation of women in my country. I can get to know women from all walks of life and build my network, with women who want better for womankind. Women like me!

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