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The use of modern media (web 2.0) as a mode of information dissemination in this new age and era where people like me can be given an opportunity to share it using the tools available at their disposal is timely.
As a media professional, who has been exposed to various use of internet tools, web 2.0 excites me because it facilitates interactive information sharing which is very important especially when you are part of the world pulse. The term Web 2.0 is commonly associated with web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing which is cardinal in this work environment which requires interaction through the use of internet.
The application which is can be operated along side other application gives one an opportunity to apply their creative minds to disseminate information which is very exciting at the same time educative and helps to contribute towards the discussions which bring out issues that affect especially women which brings about empowerment for women.
Web 2.0 empowers women to share information, experiences and views on issues that affect them with others from different communities which is important as it also builds linkages which may be used to explore possibilities of finding solutions to challenges that affect women.
It is user friendly which allows individuals especially women with keen interest in using it to share information and exchange knowledge and ideas to learn the skills and continue sharpening them and eventually become familiar with web 2.0. The web 2.0 include networking sites, blogging and video-sharing sites, as well as hosted services which can be used as tools for women to express themselves which is a form of empowerment.
This tool will empower me as a user of modern technology the free choice to interact or collaborate with individuals who are part of the world pulse in a social media dialogue as well as a creator of user-generated content in a virtual community as opposed to the websites where I am limited and are subjected to passive viewing of content created.
I believe that this opportunity to freely use this tool for expression, communication and knowledge building through the exchange of information among women is the only way that we can move away from using the limited information generated locally to shape minds and influence decisions, but use experiences and knowledge exchange for empowerment.
By Grace Nzovwa Zulu

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