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Web 2.0 is My New World

I am normally an upbeat and vocal person, but at one point I felt like a zombie in limbo ... just bumming around the internet websites for nothing. With not much interest I obliged to open long overdue mails in my taken-for-granted inbox, when, suddenly, lo and behold, I found myself staring at a community I know so well and miss so much - the world of women, Web 2.0. Back in my not so recent past I was a founding member of the Network for the Empowerment of Women. It was difficult then because getting society to see what we were struggling for was like pointing an accusing finger to men as perpetrators and culprits to crime and violence against women.

With no hesitation I registered myself to Pulsewire, correctly certain this will take me to where my heart is. I don't know much of how this works, but I am filled with excitement with the idea of sharing and exchanging notes with the worldwide extension of my own feminine gender. It would be awe-inspiring to be able to relate with other women who, despite differences in color or creed, will have their own unique and interesting version of being and becoming the woman that we want the world to see.

In my country, the Philippines, women empowerment started as a "liberation" movement back in the eighties. Through the years, Filipino women have managed to hold the reins of power in practically all walks of life. In fact, we had had two women presidents (1986-1992 and 2001-2010) reigning supreme. Today, it's no longer hard to relate women issues with men as fathers, brothers and sons of women victims of crime and violence.

Although in some parts of the world women are still groping in the dark corridors of male dominance, an online community like Web 2.0 will make it possible for awareness and motivation to do miracles. It only takes a spark to set a fire burning, it is said. In no time, Web 2.0 will bring to the forefront the repressed and suppressed sentiments and predicaments of women, and slowly but surely, establish the venue to resolve and address women concerns.

I have considerably empowered myself because of my active involvement in women empowerment endeavors and gender sensitivity initiatives early on, but the level of my awareness is limited to where I am right now. Now, I am as excited as I am certain that Web 2.0 will expand my horizons and broaden my dimensions on women issues, because I will share my life and raise my hand out across the skies to reach out to women who are as eager as I am to share their lives with me, and together we speak, together we grow within and into each other. In Web 2.0, each of us is all of us.

South and Central Asia
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