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Web 2.0, my information and unburdening bank!

Web 2.0 my platform to bare to it all, my platform to personal development, my platform to learning and mentoring, and directly to my work and cause - my platform to counseling, networking, collaboration and ultimately advocacy and extensive enlightenment.
I am so excited about it that I want to step my Web 2.0 little skills down to other women. There are mostly men selling Web 2.0 services charging so much for as simple as opening a facebook page. I had a male web developer who frustrated me for years, it will take him 1-2 months to update my website, I learnt that I can actually do it myself, I now update, edit and manage at will. In my Vitiligo cause, Social and Digital media is my strongest tool, driving vitiligo awareness to around the world; it’s most affordable, impactful and engaging.
Global women’s empowerment movement has indeed taking a new dimension with the advent of Web 2.0, a major one is the freedom to share, the stories don’t get silenced anymore, with a button touch, the world is reading. Most interestingly, the victim doesn’t have to know how to use the web; just anyone can share the story. Domestic Violence and Rape are two areas that has been exposed so much through Web 2.0 in recent times that the World at large is really waking up to it.
A major solution is storytelling, before now women shy away from telling their stories because of stigma, family name and all sorts, but seeing other people’s stories has encouraged boldness and openness. It’s indeed a very good step in the right direction, with resilience we shall get the justice we seek.
If am asked to appreciate all that has guided and empowered me, truly it goes first to Web 2.0. Is there really anything a changemaker can do without web 2.0, Digital media and Social media? When I started it taught me about not-for-profit organisation, When my questions could not be answered, Google answered me, when I needed some guide on how to write certain articles, letters etc., web 2.0 has been there. When all promises failed, it didn’t. When my health gets around, I read about others experiences; I can almost call myself a certified Nutritionist without certificate with my learning’s. It has really empowered me I always appreciate it whenever the opportunity arises. In all, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and Twitter has been a tremendous support to my Vitiligo awareness, networking and advocacy; the feedback is simply amazing. I am really interested in writing more effectively; I want to teach more women for greater solutions to global issues.

My web 2.0 excitement is endless, its one best thing that has happened in our time and I am so eager and very ready to learn so much more for my causes and achievement of World Vitiligo day 25June, which is my No.1 priority now.

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