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WED May 5 Weekly Conf Call (Noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific time) - All invited to participate - Report backs & Next Steps

Conference Call : PotoFanm Fi Weekly Call - Report Backs from Subgroups, Haiti trip (AC, Taina) and Planning Next Steps

Comments/Agenda Please join us for our weekly one hour conf call about PotoFanm+Fi

C0-MODERATORS: Martha (if available) for first Report Back section; AC or someone new for second section (Next Steps)

Proposed agenda:

CALL Agenda - proposed to divide into two topic areas: Reports back - 45 minutes; then Next Steps: 15 mins, including 5 mins for discussing a proposed 3-session Group Planning process Martha W is set up to lead us through in weeks ahead.

Quick intro - any new members introduce themselves, their affiliation - brief (3 mins)
Report back: (be brief please!) - we need timer on this..
1) OUTREACH subgroup (NOTE: Let's Defer subject of 'Mapping' to the Next Steps section of agenda..) - Alice, Leonie, Michelle, others. - 5 mins
2) Outreach Mtgs or Forums:
West Coast: Martha and AC;
East Coast/ Miami - Leonie/Lambi, Taina, AC;
NY May 4th Forum: Taina,
Others; Regine Zamor - Boston? -10 mins

IF THEY ARE BACK: Lambi (Marie) from Europe meeting? Marie Bonheur from Haiti- Education focus? - 5 mins

3) Haiti meetings: Taina, AC - 5 mins each; others in Haiti - 5 mins.
4) Media Sub Group - 5 mins.
5) Art subgroup -- AC to share brief proposal from a Haitian group; Janet - Myriam (if Myriam can make call) re possible activities of PotoFanm Fi --
6) Database for people to be informed about PotoFanm Fi - Julie, AC, Jade - 2 mins.

7) any other report back updates from Participants - 5 mins.

PART TWO: Next Steps (15 mins) -
- Group Planning Process - plans/ schedule - Martha -
- Future Mapping activities - goals, how to shape this nascent work
- Calendar: coming up meetings, invites, etc.

Please email AC for any missing items, additions or changes to proposed agenda. Thanks.

NOTE: I'd like to hear from members not scheduled to talk about anything you have to update/contribute.

Let's all try to make this call!

FINAL NOTE: A Request was made to send or post short Bio's of all group participants and list our key interests. Post this to our World Pulse Planning Committee discussion thread...

If you have not done so, try to do so by tomorrow.. I Haven't - and will try to do this by the call. just back in US last night..). --ac

if you need to email me, do so at:


Northern America
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