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WELCOME to Cradle, the global parenting group!

Cradle is a space to share parenting wisdom from around the world. As we struggle to raise happy, healthy children in a world brimming with ongoing conflict and daily challenges, we invite you to share advice, tips, or wisdom that you have as mothers.

We invite you to share the wisdom you have gained as a parent, and to discuss an obstacles and challenges you may face in raising children who are globally aware. This is an open space for dialogue, and we invite not only mothers, but fathers, grandparents, guardians, and anyone else who has contributed to raising a child or building a family.

The following questions can help you get started:
• What are some of the greatest struggles you face as a mother raising your children in the world today?
• What advice can you share with other mothers who may be facing similar challenges?
• What questions might you have for mothers in your community or around the world?
• What are some of the greatest things you have felt or or experienced as a mother?
• How do you find balance in your daily life as not only a mother but a member of your community, a worker, an activist, a global citizen, etc?
• For mothers with grown children, what are some tips you can share with new mothers?
• For fathers with grown children, what advice do you have for fathers just embarking on this journey?

There's no right way to contribute! Use this space to share your stories, post an introduction, a photo, or information about your organization—whatever you'd like!

Encourage those around you to let their voices be heard as well! Use the "Share This" feature to invite your friends and colleagues. Be sure to check back with the group to keep the conversation going!

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