We're launching an operation 5-10 minutes black out for Climate Change

During our online session on Saturday 12th August 2023 on the HAND IN HAND Cameroon's Whatsapp plateform and sunday August 13, 2023 on the Nature's Golden Vitality plateforme, where we highlighting some of the causes of Climate change and thier effects on the environment and human health, if urgent actions are not taken.

we later went on to also highlight some of the mitigating measures and strategies on how to restore the ecosystem. Some of mitigating measures listed were:

* Reforestation

*Regenerative urban gardening

*And a reduction in our energy consumption (consumption of fossil fuel, coal and electrical energy)

*Avoid bush burning and engage better agricultural techniques.

To this regard, the first and must easy step is to begin individual mitigating actions from Home. Apart from creating a regenerative urban garden in all homes, our next plan of action is to reduce our energy consumption at home.

I am hereby leading a Climate change campaign, tiled: An operation: "5-10mins BLACK OUT FOR CLIMATE CHANGE" Every Fridays. 

This action will simply consist of putting off all lights and appliances at home for just 5-10 minutes

This campaign is calling on all Cameroonians men, women, youths and children to engage in a 5- 10mins black out every Fridays, with feedback photos showing thier engagement to the campaign, and will be rewarded with a surprise package from our organization, as a means of appreciating thier commitments towards mitigating the impacts of climate change on the environment.


* Powering buildings and heat from electrical appliances contributes to climate change

*Growing energy, the demand for heating and cooling appliances with rising air-conditioner ownership, as well as increased electricity consumption for lighting, appliances, and connected devices, has contributed to a rise in energy-related carbon-dioxide emissions from buildings in recent years. 

Its been realised that Climate change is most at times fostered by the rich or wealthy class. Thier energy consumption level is very high. They consume energy in heating, cooking, washing, cooling the house using air conditioners and so on.

If only we take actions now,

If only we're all committed,

If only we know the impending danger that waits us if nothing is done.

# reduce Carbon dioxide production in your own little way

#reduce heat generating activities or appliances in buildings

# Action


 *Remember every little action towards saving the environment counts!

Stand with us today

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