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What Energy Will Exist in Eternity

How can we say that we value life when we focus most of our funds on killing? We tear out full forests; thereby, killing entire ecosystems and assuring the deaths of complete civilizations. We poison water supplies in the quest for energy sources that could be obtained with more patient processes. We wage war to claim and cage lands that are able to thrive only in diversity. We produce pools of poison for bathing, next to seas of soothing salts. We've harnessed the nuances of nature in order to create illusions of permanence in our physical destinies, destroying our earthly experiences of peace in the process.

We don't allow pre-term babies to be loved while they live, insisting that they will be better off under lids of incubators instead of in their parents' caring arms. Our dying are shocked, prodded, paddled and protected from peaceful passing, as our living are driven to greater and greater acts of desperation by those who hoard what our earth so freely gives. We don't even allow our dead bodies to be used as new sources of earth's energy. Will we ever leave well enough alone in order to embrace what works best in natural rhythms?

What is wrong with feeding our bodies to the carrion who take our spirits soaring skyward? How horrible would it really be to have the energy of your flesh and bones feed a new tree? Would you rather have the arms of the ones who most love you wrapped around you, in an effort to soak up the last bits of your earthly energy, or would you prefer to have your body continue to use the medical resources that could save a young mother or child?

How have we come to a point where humanity means honoring outside appearance, while the core energy of the universe is being denied eternal life? When will we realize that our skins are simply wrappers for our spirits and the spirits of those who have impacted our own? What we create from our insides is all that will live on after our physical selves are expired, and the best of life is dependent on sharing and diversity.

Those who spend their lives destroying and hoarding don't know what they do. They are not only destroying the earth that they see around them, but are ensuring that their energies will die as our honored universe is repaired. I don't believe in Armageddon, where the hoards will be either saved or left behind by a great god. I believe Homo sapiens are self-selecting, with how they spend their lives, what energy will exist in eternity.

Northern America
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