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What is Freedom?

In my last post on freedom, I wrote why I thought we should rethink what freedom means. I used the examples of big business and industrial countries freely taking, controlling, and consuming as a reason to challenge the dialogue on freedom. Yes, it is a conversation worth bringing up. But, what I originally wanted to discuss was more the topic of freedom on an individual level. It is a thought I always have on my mind and have always wanted to share.

I should want to define freedom as the state of being in harmony with ones’ self and one’s environment. Freedom is peace. Freedom is being in balance; having enough food and water for one own's nourishment, feeling secure, being in health. Freedom is also the ability to express oneself as long as it causes no harm to others. But, in essence, it requires one to think not of his or her own self, but the impact his or her actions has on others.

In Nature, this definition of freedom occurs naturally. All of life, every plant, animal and being, has co-evolved in perfect balance. From ants to elephants, species adapt to their environment and take only what they need. But, as humans, we are different in our ability to reason. It is this trait that allowed inventors like Thomas Edison to conjure up artificial light and Alexander Bell to discover efficient communication through telephone. It is why we are able to consider the prospect of replacing ailing hearts, livers or lungs. Yes, our capacity to dream, conjure and create through reasoning is incredibly powerful. But I would argue that it is the biggest danger to freedom!

This power to manipulate through reason allows for domination through force or weaponry. It is the largest and most disastrous offense to freedom. Unethical global business, corrupt world politics, and all dictatorships is also an affront on freedom. We must protect freedom - the freedom to live in health and harmony with others.

I am a Western woman and these ideas may not be new to a great number among you – I am thinking of my Hindu, Buddhist and Native American sisters. But I do feel this concept of Freedom is Truth and wanted it to share it here.

Peace and love,


Northern America
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