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When beautiful hearts meet Miracles happen

He works to support all vulnerable people
He works to support all vulnerable people

When beautiful heart meet

Miracles happen

Yesterday, I was at Yedesta Mender( Village of Happiness) rehabilitation centre for fistula patients. As I’m volunteering with them and plan to be their future partner, the Hospital email me when there is an event. As I told you last august, we planted trees hiking 2000 ft above sea level. I received the magazine and my picture was posted on the back cover and two places inside the pages. I was so happy to see it.

It was seven women’s graduation yesterday. We went to send them off to their villages. We saw them in the hospital when they were having several and delicate surgeries. Their cases are very serious and sensitive. The women had a short drama based on one of the students’ story. Her story or all their stories make anybody shade tears.

Adanech was given to a husband when she was thirteen. She struggle to give birth at fifteen, she lost the baby, and she became a fistula victim. She was not able to control her urine and fesses, then the husband dumped her at her mother’s house. She slept in her house, the house was smelly but her mother was her supporter. She bathed her, care for her. When visitors came and miss her mother at home, they used to tell her; “Your mom is going a lot too much because you are smelling she hates to sit in the house.” This is very heart breaking. She used to sit and cry the whole day. One day she complained to her mother about the visitors. Her mother told her to go and stay with her sister for a change. She is still limping even after the surgeries and therapy. By then, she had to walk to another city, asking for direction. She walked for two days to reach her sister’s house. She slept by the roadside not to ask people for a shelter because she smells. The sister accepted her and she never knew Adanech was having fistula problem. Her sister gave her water to bath and brought her to a hospital next morning. The hospital from the other town sent her to Hamlin Fistula Hospital. Adanech’s sister run away from her families before they arranged a marriage for her. She went to school and earns her own income and stay by herself.

Adanech welcomed at Fistula, she was treated, and trained in making very different crafts. This was the drama script, and Adanech’s true story briefly.

One of the guest of honors Mr Tamiru sat next to me. we had been visited the Hamlin Midwifery College together before the graduation ceremony. He brought a present for the graduating ladies. They are done with their medication and reintegration programs. Hamilin centre will send them with the support they need back home. If she wants a cow, or want to start small business …etc. she will be given what she wants. The women will be a change maker in their village. The director of Yedesta Mender , Sister Beletishachew, and all the stuff member pouring out their love to those women. The graduating ladies have no word to thank all of them. We saw true love and true smile in that place.

Mr Tamiru hated to leave Yedesta Mender. “Where am going now, leaving the village of happiness? The place is just filled with joy, it is green, the air is clear and the people are genuine. After I left you, with whom shall I be talking? I go and stare at the wall. That is it. Good , I breath for a while here.”

Mr Tamiru is another special guy. He is an Ethiopian who try to help different people, individuals, organizations, business people in his own way. He is working hard, but not alone. He has a group of friends that supports his cause.

Peace and Green initiative Africa- his face book page

He supports organizations

- to plant trees

- who work to support mentally ill people

- street children

- to bring women back to normal life from prostitution

- helps any person who fall and almost forgotten by…

He even works in peace making among neighbors. He is doing this without any border. Religion, political view, race, tribe, nationality…is not his issue. This is the true self we all need to see and to have. If the whole nation apply this, we’d have a better world. He was a business man, who created Fare Tread. Now he’s helping every human beings to bring peace and green development.

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