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Challenging times make us more vulnerable to feeling fear, insecurity and uncertainty. Unsettled worries overflow and dark scenarios arise from our minds, threatening our reality and existence. BUT, challenging times also allow us to go beyond our comfort zone, grow new abilities, and sharpen our skills. As we light our crystal truth, shine our path, and find ways to let our true colors glow even more, we strengthen our connection as one human tribe on Mother Earth and elevate unity with a very powerful global message of healing, hope and love.


COVID-19 forced me to look inside, go beyond my conceptions, change my way of perceiving, thinking, and observing the realities that I’m experiencing in a very deep way. When it all started, confusion, doubt and the unknown overwhelmed me. I felt powerless while earthy thoughts ruled my mind, and immobilized my spirit, body, and mind. Lack of certainty, and the threat of global instability upset my inner balance, triggering waves of struggle, suffering and pain. Automatically, my mind shifted to a survivor mindset.


I want to confess that the burden I have felt during these times as a single mom with 3 teenagers at home, plus my household duties of cleaning and cooking, felt like pure suffering, like it would stay forever. I struggled to multitask the new reality with my strong will to grow my loves and stay focused on my work and business goals. Hopeless situations sent me by default to isolate in my backyard, to sit under my lemon tree, and go within in order to connect to my secret superpowers: intuition, understanding, compassion, self-love, and higher life energy frequencies.


I knew that the feeling of relief I was seeking wouldn't be found in the outside world. I knew that salvation would arise from the inner strength of my spirit, so prioritizing more time for journaling, art and morning meditations was a first-aid treatment in the battle against darkness and suffering. I wanted to signal to my soul that self-love is the most stable foundation in the world that I can ever find and a safe ground to stand on. Making some more room for my ME TIME was crucial in the battle of coping with the overwhelming mental side effects that aimed to take over as the outside world developed alarming signs of a crisis.


I’m a strong believer in the grace of healing love as a way to connect us all to higher life frequencies. Practicing self-love is a way to gain body-heart connection, good health, and wellness. It taught me to focus on the force inside me which wants to support and elevate a bright, positive uplifting love frequency for the people of Earth. Low energies made me crawl into myself. High frequencies raised my devotion to my loves -- art, journaling, and meditation--tools I use to heal my soul, grow awareness and spirituality, and shine my ray of light.


I feel like Creation sent me its best warriors during COVID-19. One of them was creativity which blossomed and blessed my existence and soul with a fountain of infinite new designs and elements that glowed with Divine grace, beauty, and love. I expanded my Sacred Geometry collection with symbols, shapes, and geometric patterns that shine with cosmic beauty, holiness, hope, unity and love. The gift of these abundant creations nourished my soul and inspired me to pay this blessing forward by sharing the sanity-saving practice of coloring with my sisters on WorldPulse.


 I invite you to try this magic for yourself. Please accept my offer for a  free “Intuition and Ambition” coloring design with a heart illustration and a Flower of Life background. Use this tool to create a deeper silent state of inner peace in your life, boost love frequencies, and help promote healing, inner wisdom, growth, and guidance. Practice self-love and generate alpha brain waves that reduce stress levels, nurture creativity and help us feel calmer. Elevate faith and peace with this free PDF Printable you can download and print at home. Unwinding has the power to promote relaxation, harmony, meditation, stability and strength. Coloring balances the flow of your body's energy, enhances your joy, supports healing and the growth of acceptance, inner peace, and hope.


Light your faith with more love and less fear.♡  Enlighten your life in these challenging days with a Divine holy glow that is inspired from the world of Sacred Geometry Art. Let the light of Holy Symbols enter your world and heal your soul, promote relaxation, generate good health and well-being.



It works like magic.

Clear the clutter, make room for some love.

We are all waiting for this to happen.

Glow, be the light.

Here is the link to the FREE template, give it a try.

Download & Print it in your home right now!

Let's glow. I want us to feel blessed.


Here is a list of benefits that you gain when you color:

► Rev up your brain’s production of meditative alpha waves

► Get this instant relaxing and stress relieving effect

► Calm down, de-stress, and relax

► Improve your ability to deal with uncomfortable feelings

► Slow down, soften, loosen up, and ease up

► Balance your body, mind, and soul

► Quiet your emotions and increase concentration

► Help reduce feelings of anxiety, suffering and pain

► Softly fight insecure confusing feelings and low self-esteem

► Help stabilize, integrate, re-order and rebuild your inner world

► Free your creative brain to come out to play and have fun

► Create joy, satisfaction, and pleasure

► Generate harmony, good health and wellness

► Enhance your healing process

► Grow your spirit, soulfulness, and manifesting abilities

► Grow your loves, true colors and uniqueness

► Practice how to listen to your higher guidance and wisdom

► Guide you to your hidden wishes and dreams

► Assist you to reach your full potential by strengthening your super powers

► Use to beautify your life with the frequencies and energies of colors

► Immerse yourself in feelings of self-awareness, acceptance, wholeness, and love

► Support the growth of self-love, realization, forgiveness, and compassion.


As one united tribe, we have to learn how to support our healing, ease our pain, and reduce our suffering. Radiating frequencies of inner peace can help us balance, be more present, stay centered, help reduce stress reactions, and decrease fear. I want to help elevate love, grow seeds of hope in our consciousness, nurture thoughts of growth, and let new pathways enter our awareness and evolve toward wellness.


May we all let elements of peace, Divine Grace and healing love frequencies flow freely into our lives and into our world to form one united tribe on Planet Earth. Let us carry a global goodwill message of faith, hope, goodness, and peace for people of all faiths, Nature, Mother Earth, all living Sacred and Divine beings, the Universe, and Humankind for all future generations. 


Bless us with the infinite loving grace of holiness, goodwill and harmony, with the light of Divine healing love, the essence of life. Amen. אָמֵן 


Blessed grace to you from the Land of Israel, Always.

♡ With love, 

Orit Gutmacher Levy

HALELUYA: Sacred Soul Art



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