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When the Blind can see and the dumb can Shout..

I was blind but now l can see is my answer to these amazing nuggets of information, I have just gleaned. In life most times it is so easy to under estimate the power that one has at their disposal .I must confess that l am one of those people who has never fully appreciated the power and break through that technology has brought to the media as a tool of awareness and communication.
The concept of the Web 2.0 has opened up my world to immerse possibilities and opportunities that lie in my world and within my reach. With 250 million people connected through Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook, the feeling of helplessness and utter defeat has left my world because there is hope in Web 2.0. Instead of women’s voices being gagged and muffled there exists an opportunity that each and every voice no matter how small will be heard without discrimination, fear or prejudice and its echo will be heard for generations to come. From a personal point of view it is important for me as a woman to be able to express myself in relation to my the world l was born into. It is through this process of self actualization that l will be able to come up with solutions for the problems that l face every day in my world. Thus l am excited about the freedom to communicate and express my mind that Web 2.0 provides, in a world where my mouth is gagged and my voice has been silenced to a whisper.
For a majority of women in the world it is difficult to effectively express one’s self because of the historical disadvantages that women have had throughout history. Most times as women we are juggling careers, motherhood and life itself there is hardly anytime left to express or understand ourselves. Yet in here lies the key for the global woman’s empowerment movement. The secret to women’s empowerment lies in the immutable fact that each and every woman has a part to play in making their voice be heard. It is not about educated women, rich or poor women but that if every woman would know the power that lies within their words, their voice and within their individual experiences. Therefore it is conclusive that Web 2.0 creates a platform for everyday women to become the agents of change in a world where women’s voices need to be heard.

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