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Where the fault is??????????

It was a sunny day in July 18, 2010, when I arrived at Jinnah International airport Karachi. I spent my one year of life away from my family. Can you imagine the excitement I had to see them? I was so energized and I cannot wait to tell them that I am in Pakistan; so, I changed my sim from mobile and checked the balance. I had only 1.09 Rs. in my sim. I started to look for a shop where I can get a mobile card. After a long search on airport, I found a shop and I asked shopkeeper to give me a 100Rs card of Telenor (a mobile company). I gave him 1000 Rs. and he returned me only 850 Rs. when I inquired why not he gave me 900Rs back, he informed that it is airport and everything here is more costly than other places. I was stunned at the point and many questions came to my mind.

The first question which came to my mind was that is it right to charge extra money because we are standing on Airport? Do we have to pay tax because we are flying to our destiny?

People who are coming to airport are always in hurry and never have time to investigate, why are they paying extra and shopkeepers are taking benefits of these hurries. If someone will accidently ask them why you are charging extra? They have only one answer that “this is airport and everything here is costly.”

This is not only the case on airport, every where people are ahead of you to deceive and get benefits. All mobile and sim companies are charging additional money whenever they would like to charge extra. Moreover, if we recharge our mobile with 100Rs we will get only 84Rs.I asked my father, why is it like this? He told me that 10% is government tax, and 5%is president tax.

The next issue which came to mind was that what is difference between government tax and president tax?

I was trying to find the answer of this question when my brother solved this mystery that government tax is going in government account and president tax is in President Account. This answer leads me to many unusual questions. Do we have to pay government tax because we are citizen of this country? Do we have to pay the president tax because we vote for him, it is our fault and he is punishing us. He is taking money from poor people who earn (money) by working day and night in the way of tax. He is misleading his own country people on the name of TAX. Everyone in Pakistan is saying that Pakistan is not making progress. Pakistan is staying at the same point or its progress is falling. Is any one of us thinking that how a country can make progress whose leaders are filling their account by public money? Leaders are becoming richer and richer, while public is becoming poorer and poorer. Do our responsibilities end after giving vote? Is it right, is it fair, or is it responsible behavior of a citizen?

We have to find out where is the mistake. Is in the system or in us? In my view point, the mistake lies among us. It is our mistake to choose the people by voting them as our leaders because they are famous or they have money. We never think about their qualities or are they capable to lead us. Do we think? We never think about that. We never think that we make them powerful by giving vote and in return, they use that power against us. It is now tradition of our society to give votes to the people who are wealthy and famous. As a result, the people who are true leaders are left behind, and we cut our feet by ourselves.

How can we correct our previous inaccuracy or stay away from them?

The first thing we need is to have a clear vision and have sense to choose right and wrong. If we will have sense to choose between right and wrong, we will have power to say no to the people. The second thing we need is the unity. We have to be united to save our country for our coming generations.

Is this a hard way on which we can move towards unity and have sense of choosing between right and wrong?

South and Central Asia
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