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Why E-Meetings E –Library E- Menus E-Bookings are impactful/ helpful strategies to fight climate change in the Hospitality Industry

Why E-Meetings E –Library E- Menus E-Bookings are impactful/ helpful strategies to fight climate change in the Hospitality Industry, with special focus on students turning a green leaf.This can be the 2017 mission after successful green actions in 2016.

Elsie Gabriel

Due to his high touristic potential and capacity, the Indian Tourism and Hospitality now represents a fast growing sector of our economy. 2016 saw many hospitality and student fraternity make changes to their college,school and community green habits, but 2017 will see the results bear fruit. The word for 2017 will be PROATION which is positive action. All over the world, The mystery, masala and marine ecology, forests, deserts, villages, cities ,cultural hotspots, wildlife right here in India represents an important attractive destination for many tourists who still considered this country as a world prototype; consequently, the high demand has been increasing from one year to another. This strategic sector however, still has to deal with the natural phenomenon of climate and weather. Thus, as part of Indian natural resource, this problem of climatic change appears as a great challenge that even the evolution of the technology doesn't seem to solve. As a result, Indian Tourism and Hospitality flow still has to interact with this issue which is still considered as one of the strongest indicator of Tourism and Hospitality activities. Like poverty or criminality, the phenomenon of the influence of climate change on Hospitality and Tourism remains a critical issue for the world community and particularly for our economy where, this industry has become victim and dependant of climate change. In India, Hospitality and Tourism represents a vital resource for its economy. With the globalization, people should increase their awareness of the impact of some factors such as climatic change, which can really affect this industry with a wide range of consequences. By focusing attention on this aspect of problem, we're trying as far as possible to stimulate a dialogue among Hospitality and Tourism professionals in India in particular with the new generation Hospitality students and all over the world in general. The important growth in this sector projected this sector to be one of the most important in the International Economy. However, this activity still faces a great challenge as a result of natural factor such as climate change , which is still affecting the industry and tends to make it seasonal .The industry is forced to adapt to ways – 1]Food footprints 2]water footprints 3]Paper footprints/E-footrpints 4]Energy effieciency 5] Waste footprints. 6]Client business E education of eco-friendly norms/habits. 7]Promotions and rewards involved both for the clients guests and the hospitality setup. 8]Hospitality students can start with E learning and submissions rather than other options. Illustrations will be outlined like- within the hotels, restaurants, resorts, hospitality offices everything must go paperless, E- Business must take over to fight climate change. Therefore students studying the various subjects to must not only use and rely on E knowledge but also submit via E- reports. This sows the seeds of going absolutely paper free.Sustainable tourism offers are in increasing demand, including from guests. Improving energy efficiency thus represents a key for making tourism in the Indian region fit for the future, while also contributing to the fight against climate change. This is a very meaningful goal in the our country, given their high sensitivity to climate change. As the backbone of the tourism industry, the hospitality and catering sector bears a particular responsibility in this regard. How can the hospitality sector be best supported in its energy saving efforts? What experiences have hoteliers and restaurateurs had with support programmes and energy saving efforts? Discussions on same with student audiences while focusing on green hotels, green CSR, Green tourism, Green travels and thus why E-research/submissions make the best options for a positive green changeover..

South and Central Asia
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