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WiseUp ( Pevuka) episode 2

Welcome to WiseUp{PEVUKA}

One of my interest in life is to encourage students to stay in school , to love education and encourage self confidence , hence I will use this opportunity given by  World Pulse to help change the mind set of those students who read the articles published on this website . All articles posted on my account will have the name WiseUp ( PEVUKA) and under that topic we will discuss the different reasons why some students drop out from school and venture into other things. The Major Aim of the topics that will be posted in WiseUp (PEVUKA) , is to change the way of thinking of the young minds of today by letting them know that destiny is not a matter of chance but it’s a matter of choice and it’s not a thing to be waited for but rather a thing to be achieved, in other words kids these days needs to know that success does not come over night but rather it’s a journey that only the tough ones will achieve , therefore the topics that will be discussed in my account will target the following people : Parents , Teachers , The community and the students themselves , reason being is that students , teachers and parents both need to work hand in hand in order for the student to succeed in achieving their goal. 


Welcome TO WiseUp ( PEVUKA)  once again ,today topic is  :  

                                                               EMBRACING YOUR UNIQUENESS!!!

As time passes by you will  start noticing some changes taking place, which are all signs of growth so do not be scared  but rather take a  chill pill and be opened minded in learning  a lot of things as you go along  and you are going to go through a lot of changes, not only in your body, due to the puberty stage but you will also experience a lot of changes in your character, the way you behave the way you speak, the way you think, they way you respond to things as well as the way you reason.

Now this stage of your life is the most crucial stage of your life hence you will have to seat down with yourself, with a cup of coffee if possible and try by all means to understand that you are going to be going through major changes that will either build you as person or can destroy you entirely.

The reason why these changes will build you or destroy you is simply because not everyone will accept and understand the changes you are going through, simply because each and every person is different, and is born for a different purpose in life and in order for each person to fulfill their purpose in life, they have to poses a certain character that will enable them to accomplish that which has been written for them to accomplish in their destiny.

So because each and everyone will have to play their part, you will find out that some people will support your transformation and will encourage you to pursue that which you dearly seek to accomplish, but on the other hand  others will discourage you and won’t understand the changes you are going through , so by all means they will try to change you and shape you to who they want you to become ,hence if you are not smart enough to realize what your purpose in life is , than you won’t become strong enough to maintain the character that you need to poses in order to fulfill your destiny, simply  because you will be affected by the words of  the people that would want you to act and behave in the way they want you to behave so you won’t be able to  accomplish that which is written for you to accomplish .

Now it’s very important to learn to accept yourself , to accept the fact that you are different and you won’t be like other people, even though others will try to make you be like them , but am telling you don’t let them because  we can’t all be the same , because if we all behaved the same way ,we probably would have only one profession in the world , because each profession has its own ethics and rules , for example the way a lawyer thinks is totally different from the way a doctor reasons, hence a lawyer needs to poses a different character than that of a doctor, so if each and everyone behaved in the same character and manner  it would be difficult for each and every one to find employment because we would all have the same character and be in the same  profession, which will result in high level of unemployment  due to the fact that each and everyone is the same. so am telling you it’s OK to be different .

Even though am encouraging you to be different and pursue what your heart tells you to, I also want you to understand that it won’t be an easy thing to do, see being different from others can be challenging, because remember when you are busy trying to be different so is someone else, which at a point will result in character crushing and this is one of the major reason why people become judgmental , everyone has their own point of view and wants other people to see the world in the way they see it . Now being different is totally acceptable but you have to understand that not everyone will accept and understand your decisions.

 In most case scenarios most people that are usually against our decisions are not so far away from our hearts, it’s usually a friend, lover or family member but in most cases the people that have the power of hurting us the most and affecting this character transformation that we go through are usually family members.

In elaborating the latter statement, I would like to quote an old saying that states “you choose your friends not your relative” .This statement has got a very broad meaning and in order for one to clearly understand what this old saying means , one needs to take few steps back and play a puzzle game with your self , in this game you need to be fully aware of the way the heart is structured , once you know that try and place each person in your life in the right place in your heart .


So the first thing you need to know before you can prolong with the game is to remind yourself with the fact that the heart is divided into four parts, the left ventricle, the right ventricle, the left atria, and the right atria, now you have to understand that each and every part plays a vital role in the functioning of the heart, both four parties should be cautiously handled with care. Just like your heart, that’s how life is, you have four groups of people that play an important role in your growth, and each and every group needs to be handled carefully in your character transformation journey.

Group number one you have Family , now like the saying I stated above , one cannot choose your family , like how you choose friends because we are connected by blood hence this makes this group a very difficult one to maintain simply because you are going to have those family members that totally do not understand your character and think they are better than you , they think you are a shame and are disgracing the family , which will affect you and destroy only if you if you let it , you have to be smart to encourage yourself and remind yourself that your family is your family , you will love them but you cant rely on them to always be there for you so at a point you need to support you. Will talk about this in details in the, Family Affairs Fiasco article .

Group number two we have Romantic partner, now this can be your wife, husband, boy friend or girl friend, each and anyone you are romantically involved lays in this group. This group is as equally important as the family group , and more often you find out that most problems and issues that arises in a person’s life is due to a conflict of interest between group one and group two . this usually happens when group one want to be more important than group two and vise versa.Remember that group one being your family took care of you when you were a child and gave you all your needs hence they should be loved , but do not forget that if group two is handled well than they also become group one and will take care of you until you die. Once again this will be discussed further in the Love Family Potion article.


In group number three we look at friends, now this group is as important as well, simply because they will be a stage were family, or a lover won’t be there and you have to rely on friend to advice you as well as support you, hence having the right friends is important, so you have to study and understand the kind of people you call your friends, because they are so many type of friend, you need to understand each one of them , you will have those that are there to use you , you have those that you will use , you have those that hate you and pretend to like you , hence you keep them close so that the harm they can do to you van be minimize , and you have those that are there regardless of the situation . Once again this will discussed further in the Take Time To Choose Your Cycle article .

Lastly but not list , we have the Stranger group .When we are young we are told never to trust strangers , this is a good technique to keep children safe I do agree but its also the duty of the parents to have a talk with their children about strangers once they start to mature , when a child starts to understand the difference of what is right and what is wrong , it is the best time for them to know that before a father and mother became married they were first strangers , before the successful business partners became partners they were first strangers , not all strangers are monsters because you are also a stranger to someone else , and always remember that in life an idea is just an idea if it is not put into action , and we all know that one cannot work alone so you need to trust and have faith on other people , always they say a problem shared is a problem solved , same as an idea , once you share your idea the chances of you turning that idea into a reality is high , I understand the worry you have of your idea being stolen by someone else but one needs to have faith on other people , believe in humanity , but if it happens that your idea gets stolen by someone else remind your self that the idea is originally yours and no one can make it work best than you so do not give up   and do not let that make you not trust people , a stranger today can be family tomorrow , in business or in private life. 


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