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Women Empowerment through skill Development

SP O is working with 10 poor vulnerable & indigenous communities of Boaln and Naseerabad district since three months by the support of Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO).The main object of centers are Contributing towards skill development , promotion of livelihoods of women for their empowerment in the family and society and Empower Indigenous Women through Training and Marketing of Local Embroidery

For achieving of this goals SPO Program team took an initiative and designed the livelihood support program according to needs of communities and divided it in three major components
• Basic skill development
• Basic awareness
• Linkages Development & marketing
For lunching of Centers SPO did community meetings with women groups and did meetings with number of venerable women through local resource persons. It was different practice for SPO that women groups enhance their skill and contribute in self development because they were unaware about the importance of indigenous embroidery and marketing system.

Soon SPO established 10 centres by the support of women groups community and did good management and proper system and trained 10 LRPs and enrol 250 females of communities .Now in all components they are working and doing go work .

250 females are trained on Dopata making g ,mobile cover s, cousins ,door mats ,slippers ,baby shirts ,Balochi dresses ,bed sheets and more. In component of basic awareness session they took training on basic Human rights, violence against women ,health & hygiene and take religious classes for capacity building Before the opening of women centres most of female were works in fields of others and could not earn enough money for their family support but now they by their skills they make different things and sale them in market out and earn 3000to 5000 per month .It is grate achievement of SPO team that now the learners believe on their skills and realized that they can contribute in their family development .

For more support of women group SPO displayed their products in exhibition of Sibi Mela .it to was the grate opportunity to share and introduce women hand making material and sled their product .in this exhibition SPO tried to develop the linkages of centers with markets and b companies .two markets offered SPO that Submit the sample they will soon give ode for material making

Now the Indigenous women are empowered economically as well as in decision making processes within their households level and doing more efforts for batter and sustainable development and .Decrease in violence against women and on house hold level the male give them importance and take care of them

South and Central Asia
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