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Women in homes or behind the Bars

My teen age girls are very excited now a days, because they were free for a month after annul exams, So I arranged a refresher course for one month, in beauty Parlor for them, they love to do make over, and of course they want to look good, But my actual purpose is not to teach them that how to do make up. I will not teach them all that, which they do not required in this age, But I want to give them confidence to feel that they are too young but they are skilled, by working with elder girls, they will learn many things, they will be ready for the future, I will tell them about many other things, yesterday, I showed them on internet that how many kinds of makeup there is in the world.
It will help them to choose their career, because now this is a time to choose that what they want to be in their future. In my country, there is a very big problem that in our education system, children are being told to read books and to be followers but not the thinker; they do not have much choice to choose the career, especially girls. They do not think that what their career will be, they think what their parents will allow them to be.
Most of the girls are not allowed to do a job; it feels very bad, if a woman has to do a job, in some areas of the country, men do not consider being real men whose women do a job. Even I have to face many problems till now, although it has been 14 years that I am doing a job.
I do not know why we try to hide the girls from men, are men ghosts or ravenous? Even in those areas girls are being killed on the name of so called honor, where women do not have permission to see the sun with their choice, where they have to wait for the husband’s consent to meet their own father or to the brother, and they cannot meet them if he will not be agreed.
Then why in our society it is being considered that, if a woman will do a job, she will not be safe, or she will lose her character.
Because truth is that , women’s characters are not dirty or bad , dirt is in our society’s minds, we have been hiding the women from centuries, so women have become a thing of interest and like a treasure, and when men get them , they become proud on having that treasure and they treat her like a slave , they try to make themselves feel , that women are not greater than them, But truth is that they know that women are greater than them, that’s why they try to keep them hide.
Is not it interesting that? Half of our population is protecting the half of our population inside the doors and all of our population is doing nothing except that.
We think that others are our enemies, No we are our enemies, I do not say that, women should cross their limits or they should forget that they are women, or they should do the things those are not allowed by the society, But my point is that, how it be wrong for a woman to do a job, to earn some extra money.
Oh no actually men are not afraid of the money that they will earn, they are afraid of the self confidence and awareness of their rights that they will get while doing a job. And if they will become confident and aware of their rights, how men will treat them like slaves, like a lifeless and voiceless thing?

South and Central Asia
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