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World pulse: My answer!

I encountered World Pulse at a time I was searching for answers. Answers to different questions juggling in my mind. Most paramount of these questions was what my purpose really was, what my calling was and how do I go about achieving it? Being a Lawyer by profession and just finishing from the law schoool here in my country, I searched my heart for meaning, for purpose, passion and I couldn’t find any.

In my search, I resorted to writing. I wrote down my thoughts, my fears, questions and axieties. Words came pouring out from my head, my heart onto paper. I woud write effortlessly about my feelings and everything going on around me and would feel so much ease and joy afterwards.

Gradually I started finding answers to my questions. My words started carrying power. They started inspiring people and even inspiring me the writer. I saw an avenue to unleash pent up emotions whilst making a difference and inspiring others. I discovered my words were powerful and it fast became my new effective tool.

In the midst of all these, I came across Worldpulse through a friend’s blog. First was the standing up competition which I decided to enter for and share my story of standing up for my dream against all odds. I enjoyed every aspect of writing, posting and responding to fellow women’s comments and encouragements.

I thereafter realised that this could be my calling afterall. This could be the answer to my confusions and uncertainties. This could be my assignment; writing to make a change, writing to make a difference so I didn’t hesitate to enter for the Voice of the Future program. To go all out to join several women to put critical issues out there into the world.
I have decided to employ my God given skills to make a difference and better a life, a community one article at a time. I have decided to employ my pen and paper, my most veritable tools and make my voice heard.

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