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World Pulse welcomes Afghan women to our community!

Welcome to the Afghanistan Cafe!

Since PulseWire was created in 2007, we have been eagerly waiting for the voices of Afghan women to join our community and speak for yourselves on the issues that affect you every day, to share your dreams for the future, connect with other women worldwide, and to lift the issues for women in Afghanistan to the front of our consciousness and hearts.

And now you're here! These past few months have been a joy to witness the faces, voices and names of Afghan women joining PulseWire and speaking out. Most of you come to us from the Afghan Institute for Learning and we are eager to hear more about the great work you're doing to empower women and girls through education.

We welcome women representing other organizations in Afghanistan as well, or who simply represent themselves as a woman with a story to tell. This group was created so that Afghan women and supporters of Afghan women, can come together and share stories, ideas and needs.

If you are new to PulseWire and not familiar with how groups work, please see the guidelines below for participating in the group discussions.

Go to the Afghanistan Cafe group page:

Above the group name is a list of tabs:

  • View Group Profile: This is the group landing page with discussion questions or a group description.

  • Group Members: Click here to see who belongs to this group.

  • Group Journal: Read discussions that group members have already posted.

  • Contribute: Create a new post in the group discussion. Any time you contribute to the group journal, a notification will be sent to all members of the group.

  • Invite: Send an invitation to friends outside of PulseWire by typing their email addresses in the space provided, separated by commas. You can also invite current PulseWire members to join a group by typing their usernames in the space provided. Add a personal message and click “Send invitation.”

Mursal Hamraz has started the group discussions and I encourage you to contribute as well and help make this group a lively and safe space for collaboration.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Warm regards,

Northern America
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