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Wow! It's better now!

I think some of you can still remember me—I'm from Kenya in grade/class seven. I had my story featured in World Pulse's Kenya emagazine. You can find a way to read it in my PulseWire profile.

I have just joined PulseWire. I like writing stories and I believe one day we will meet each other through this writing. Greetings to everyone from my family!

Kenya is now better since the violence, and I'm very happy about it. I thought I would also be displaced, like the families I saw, but I was protected. Some people are still displaced and they don't want to go back to their homes because of fear.

Kofi Annan was a very good person and tried by all means to make a peace-deal, we were lucky and at last Raila was made the prime minister, which made us even more happy.

I'm happy I've got some more pen-friends from being featured in World Pulse. Thats Kayla, Madison, and Corine. I'm happy and I still want some more penfriends. Please write me a comment on PulseWire!

I want to work hard so that I can help all girls to have a great future. I would like to help them get their secondary education. I have a project for orphans which if anybody wishes to help they can contact me.

I have some friends who are orphans, some are being sponsored, but some are not lucky.

In our traditional society girls were not allowed to be educated, their parents thought that boys were better but I think we are all same.I'm fighting for the rights of girls and I think we have a right of education,some girls are even being forced to marry at 12 years or even younger—they are not always happy because they don't have their great futures ahead of them.I will help them to fight up to the last minute. I am trying to show Kenyans that boys are not better than girls.

Some are even pregnant at a very early stage—it's so sad and I think if any of us have the opportunity, we should help them.


Girl Power
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