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Writing SOMEDAY - The Novel

Someday is the title of my very first novel. I wrote it during the NaNoWriMo of 2004. I had always wanted to write a novel. Actually, I had written a few of them in my teens which I promptly destroyed when I read them after they were done. This is the very first novel that I allowed anyone else to look at.

I was in a frenzy. Some nights I wrote right through till morning. Labours of Love.

It started out as a very sane, realistic novel, then I got carried away into the land of fantasy. There are places where I have completely ignored the readers need to suspend disbelief. But in the end, the novel represents something that mattered a lot to me.

It was inspired by something that happened to my great-aunt. She was one woman I loved and admired deeply. Losing her land led her into a road of pain until she eventually died. When I was writing this story, she was still alive. I even talked to her about my story once. She liked the slant of the story I wrote but it was obvious that the topic was too painful for her to talk much about. She specifically asked me to consider the HIV/AIDS orphans of this world, and I tried to.

My story ended up being a bit of a fairy tale at the end. It had ventured into the land of strong women who survive tragedy, and the strong men who would stand by their side through it all.

My story has never been accepted by a publishing house. Every House where it was submitted had its own reasons for not considering it a viable piece of art. They probably were right.

Someday, will always be the very first novel in my writing Career. Before I can put it away, I have decided to give my friends, new and old, chance to read it, and if they chose to, critique it. Who knows with your help, I might even rewrite it? If not, then I'll have given it a decent send off.

I will be posting a Chapter a day on my weblog, SHE BLOSSOMS

To view the book chapters, go On the right hand column see my Pages, and there you will find Someday- A novel written by Juliet Maruru, the prologue followed below by the chapters in separate pages.

At the very least, you might be able to enjoy the story. I hope.


© Juliet Maruru 2009

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