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Initiative Update

YBB and Batis-AWARE

A collection of writings of returned Filipino migrant women of Batis -AWARE

BLTX or Better Living Through Xeroxography is a small press expo by YBB or Youth and Beauty Brigade owned by Batis AWARE’s good friend and board member Ms. Chingbee Cruz and Mr. Adam David.

YBB and Batis AWARE became partners since DALOY was published last year, August, 2016. “Daloy” means flow, it is a zine, a collection of writings of returned Filipino migrant women of Batis- AWARE. Since then BA and YBB became good neighbors and partners in empowering women though art in the medium of writing poems, life stories and illustrations.This year,YBB and Batis-AWARE started DALOY 2nd edition, and something is different this time. BA wrote more information, issues and how to solve problems aboutmigration. hopefully Daloy 2 will be published by August or September this year.

May 26 and 27, 2017 when BLTX conducted something different, entitled BLTX Women and Queer, I am honored as invited by Ms. Chingbee as the representative of Batis AWARE to speak about DALOY,lives, rights and stories of returned Filipino migrant women, how the migrant women’s voices can amplify though writing.

After the forum, at around 5 pm we started to display and showcase DALOY, ETA postcards, and some paintings donated by artists friends for BA’s fund raising project.

Personally, It was a wonderful time, met lot of great authors, artists producers in BLTX. They inspired me to continue my passion. They inspired me how to be a good leader in my community.

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