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Yes she can!!! Believe in her expertise.

“Certainly women can be able to rescue world economy and boost growth if they are given the opportunity”

Being a warrior for the female gender, I really disliked seeing women suffer in idleness. I have always believed that every woman has a special gift and very smart in her undertaking. But I realized that so many women especially those from the rural communities, uneducated are ignorant of what they carry in them thus I wondered within me if I could be that one women who can talk them out of their ignorance ,how will I better their lives ?

Women are wealthy and they need people to spark up that wealth. I dislike seeing women who solely depend on their husbands or men for survival and its worse if the husbands willingly refuse assisting in times of need. But I realized that women are naturally endowed with talents that can be traded for millions  which include cooking, tailoring, hair bradding just to name a few.

In June 2017 I came across this lady by name Delphine who thought her whole world was crushing because she has no money and her husband doesn’t give her sufficient money. She lived a very idle life which pushed her into area gossips. One day she was seriously sick and admitted at the St Mary Soledad hospital in the North West region of Cameroon precisely in Bamenda town. She had no money to pay her bills upon been discharged from the hospital, so when I got the information , I hurriedly went to the hospital and she told me of her inability to pay her bills because she had no money and her husband’s nonchalant attitude towards monetary issues. With so much pity in my heart I still had the courage to encourage her .I talked with her and asked her what she was good at, any talent and what she loved doing best. She told me she was good in designing dresses so I encouraged and told her it’s never too late to start all over again. I had little money on me and I gave her and she added to the little she had to pay halve of her bills and we signed to pay the rest later and the hospital accepted.

After her discharged from the hospital, Delphine and I had to go and arranged for a sewing machine on borrowed basis with the assurance and hope of paying the money as soon as she starts working and ending. Because a woman is blessed by nature and economically powerful the business was booming even though she started in her house. After about 3 months she was able to rent and open a big designing shop around our junction where she designs all sort of dresses including men and women dresses. Her life changed, she finished paying her hospital bills and she paid for the sewing machine just with the twinkle of an eye. It is quite interesting that as soon as she opened the shop apprentices started flooding into it and so far she has graduated almost 15 of time.

I was and I am so happy that I brought such economic power out of her. She has been my personal designer till today as I share this story with you on world pulse.

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Gender-based Violence
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