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YOU ARE AN AMAZING GIRL . Number one. January

These are some of the 650 girls I have in my book club. People in Zambia don't read. There is a joke that is: \"If you want to hide something from a Zambian, put it in a book.\" SOOOO, I started a library. Now we have a weekly book club, monthly competition, vocabulary is increasing and more.


19 January, 2018

By Wendy Stebbins

YOU ARE AN AMAZING GIRL is a 12 month calendar by Ashley Rice. Each month gives a verse on how a girl can be her true self and make her dreams come true. . I am sooooo inspired with it, that I want to share the verses with you. At the end I will tell you how we can use these to help not only ourselves, but other young girls. Since I have tried to write this two times and in the middle it erases, I am going to write 12 posts, one for each month and at the end suggest some ways I plan to use these words and ask for your suggestions and thoughts. (I am nothing if not persistent. Haha).

Why am I doing this?

1. Because I love you

2. To lighten your path

3. So that you can give back to others, especially young girls who need to hear these words as we did when we were very young.

So. Here we go:

January - Number 1

YOU ARE AN AMAZING GIRL. Believe in YOURSELF and all you WANT to be. LAUGH as much as possible. Let in the good TIMES and get through the bad. Be happy with who and WHERE you are. You are in the RIGHT place and your heart is leading you on the way to a great TOMORROW. The longer you practice the habit of working toward your DREAMS, the easier the journey will become.

You were meant for great THINGS. Learn as much as POSSIBLE . . . and always follow your



Number 2 - February WHEREVER YOU GO . . . FRIENDS.

Every experience YOU go through will make you STRONGER. There may be TIMES along the WAY when you feel alone. But you never really are! There are always FRIENDS to be made and new ADVENTURES to discover. There are FRIENDS and FAMILY members who respect you for who you are . . . WHEREVER you GO . . . YOU are LOVED.


MARCH - Number 3


Make sure YOU always remember that.


APRIL - Number 4

It's not about how well you DO . . .

It's about how hard you TRY and

What kind of a person you are.

There are MANY THINGS we go through;

And there are many things we TRIUMPH over.

There will be TIMES

When you'll fall down.

But there will be more

times when you will PULL THROUGH.

You will find GREATNESS in your life.

And you will keep getting

STRONGER every second of it.


May - Number 5

TRUE TO YOURSELF ............... D R E A M S

Being TRUE to YOURSELF takes GUTS. First, you've got to FACE everything around you and FIGURE OUT what is important. What you think really COUNTS. Second, you've got to interact with a lot of PEOPLE who may see things differently. But life has lots of SMILES and FROWNS, as days have their own UPS AND DOWNS.


June - Number 6 YOUR STAR

There is a STAR in the SKY...

Just for YOU.

That star will make sure that

Your DREAMS come TRUE.

So in case you ever stumble

Don't get too BLUE.

That STAR in the sky . . .

It BELIEVES in you.


July - Number 7

AMAZING GIRLS are discoverers of new paths. Amazing girls are trailblazers and SUPERHEROINES and CONFIDANTES. Amazing girls make their way with courage, strength, HUMOR, and love. Amazing girls know how to laugh and to listen, to dare and to try. Amazing girls don't give up when the going gets TOUGH. Amazing girls are STUDENTS and SEEKERS, learners and keepers of GOALS and dreams and of the unexpected. Amazing girls BELIEVE in themselves and reach for the stars. Amazing girls are DAUGHTERS and sisters and FRIENDS. You are an amazing girl.


August - Number 8

You don't need \"THINGS\" to be GREAT. You don't have to have the perfect clothes, or the newest haircut, or the right music. You don't have to KNOW the right thing to say all the time. Just BE yourself and BELIEVE in your most AMAZING hopes and dreams. Strive for excellence and don't get frustrated if you make mistakes. Make good FRIENDS and be true to yourself - that's what's IMPORTANT. You don't need a long list of accomplishments to be GREAT - you already ARE


September - Number 9


Act confident.

Believe in yourself.

Care about others

Dare to be different.

Envision your dreams.

Find something to love.

Grant wishes.

Hope hard.

Invite possibility.

Judge little.

Keep promises.

Laugh a lot.

Make friends

Never give up.

Open your mind.

Plant miracle seeds.

Question everything.

Run as fast as you can just to see what it feels like.

Stay true.

Try whatever you can.

Understand empathy.


Win gracefully (when you win).

X marks the spot to your'll get there.

Yield to oncoming traffic.

Zero in on what's important and keep those things in your heart - always


October - Number 10

LIKE A RAINBOW, YOU ARE AN AMAZING GIRL ..............................

19 January, 2018

By Wendy Stebbins

Like a RAINBOW, you bring COLOR to ordinary places. Like a SUNSET, you add BRILLIANCE. Like a RIVER, you KNOW the way. With the PATIENCE of the FORESTS, you wait for your DREAMS to GROW. And like the most SPECIAL FLOWER in the garden . . . you grow STRONGER and more BEAUTIFUL every day.


November - Number 11


BELIEVE in the person you ARE and the person you are BECOMING. Don't let hurt feelings or misunderstandings STOP you from REACHING out for your GREAT dreams. LOVE each day and cherish the moments that make up your DAYS. Change the world for the better.


December - Number 12


19 January, 2018

By Wendy Stebbins

SPOILER ALERT: Perhaps you would like to read the other 11 messages before you read this final one.

May your DREAMS soar like KITES.

May your hopes FLY high.

May you SMILE OFTEN and LOVE like there is no tomorrow.

May all your tomorrows be MAGIC.

And there at last, through my determination to share these quotes from Ashley Rice's wonderful calendar, I have completed all the typing. I hope it helps you with your soul. I also hope you will become determined to GO OUT and share it, share it, share it. What I plan to do is make each quote a poster. Then I plan to post all twelve side by side on a wall in the library I have made at St. Mary's Girl's School in Livingstone Zambia. I have to be sure all the posters are hung at eye level. Because Zambia is a developing country, they tend to still hang things too high for people to see or read. Imagine a young grade 8-12 young woman having the opportunity to read these each day. Wow. Wish I had had that opportunity. But it isn't about what I didn't have growing up. It is about what I can give back to the world NOW.

I hope you will share with me and everyone on World Pulse ideas you have to help yourself and others find their greatness, perhaps through these wonderful quotes.

Thank you for your time.


Wendy Stebbins

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