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You’re Beautiful!!!

Hey my dear sisters, you’re beautiful.

In my home, some people think…a woman is made of a single bone which is taken from a man. It’s true according to the Bible. And the same few people think, woman is weak, she always depends only on a man. She can’t rule a country, or manage a factory. She can’t be given any huge responsibilities, but man can do. These types of people must be very unwise and blinded by men’s superiority.

When I see a woman or a girl, I see her deep inside her. Let me start from a two years old baby girl who celebrated her birthday on 8th of Jan’17. Her name is Anu. She’s so tiny but very active. Her birthday party was at Sheraton Addis. In the same hotel, her aunt my friend has a gift shop. It’s called Richo Gift Shop. After the party, I was looking for Anu and her mother to say bye and go home. I meet them after a long walk through the garden, passed by office bar, climbing up flight of stairs. Anu was dancing in the corridor. I see some items from Richo, drops here and there on the next stairs which takes us to first floor. I enter Richo, Anu came and picks a small coffee cup and served me a drink. Look, she knows when visitor comes, we served coffee. She didn’t give me the coffee pot which is put in the shelf in front of her. She reached behind the stuffs and picked the cup. With her little hands she struggled to serve me. part of the small gift items were outside the shop. Anu carried them and put them outside. In her own world, she was doing her job. Sweet little thing.

You see the beauty in you? If Anu was a boy, she couldn’t pay me any attention. May be she could greet me at least. Let alone you grown up women, there is a power which moves others in the tiny little girl.

Let me say something about women’s nature.

Her hair; if it’s black or blond, if it’s soft and shiny or kinky, if it’s straight like Asians or tick and curled like most of Ethiopians, it’s beautiful. The woman cares for her hair. She uses different styles which go with her face. She buys oils, colors different stuffs for style and to take care of her hair. In my country, some gets annoyed when a woman is busy with her hair. Comparing with other African women, our ladies are careless for their hair. The sparkling eye under the eye brow can attract anyone. And when she sees others’ hurt or hungered or somebody lost his loved one, she easily broke in to tears. She has a white tooth that calms any spirit when she smiles. She is ready to console others, and give some kind words to anyone. She really has such a kind heart in her.

On her chest, the two attractive boobs made her impossible. They tempted ever male. Above all, the amazing miracle of motherhood, the love of a newborn and a caring mother kindness begins there. I just can’t forget it. When my friend Phenyl gave birth for her baby girl, I was staring at her. I was there at every step. The labor begun early morning 5:36 am and she gave birth naturally after sixteen hours. You can guess how tired she could be. She was screaming the whole afternoon and the Dutch midwife encouraged her to deliver naturally. She only had a small cup of mango juice. The nurses wash the baby girl and put her on her mom’s chest. The little crèche grabs the boob and started sucking. I cried when I saw that. My lazy friend didn’t look tired. The baby was feed well and they both fall asleep. My friend loves to sleep. She’s in her office from Monday-Friday, only if she has a serious boss. Once she changes her pajamas and sleep in her bed, she’ll come out of bed and see outside of her compound on Monday morning when she goes to work.

I was like, “How come she doesn’t complain when the baby sucks and interrupts her rest?” And also; “How come the little girl knows what to grab and suck in the first place. She was inside her mother’s womb.” I couldn’t believe the miracle I saw that night. I cried, a cry of happiness, amazement, I was full of questions that day. It was amazing!!! O..h my God!!!

Her fingers are always trimmed and manicured, if she’s time for them. She cooks and feed her families. She washes her children’s and husband’s cloth. She cleans her house. She stretches out her hands to the poor, to give what she can offer to them.

She has tiny waist, with broad behind. She has such a nice figure. When she is pregnant, she destroyed that beauty. She carries a baby for nine months in her womb, and also struggle with life at the same time. She has to go through thin and thick to bring a healthy child home. She has to eat well to breast feed the new born. That’ll make her look ugly. Sometimes, the husband who gave her the child, dislike her by this season and look for a tiny woman outside. That makes me sick. Some woman quits her job until she sends her child to school. She doesn’t want to leave her child with a nanny.

Her feet are busy around her household. She looks after her children and her husband. She solves everyone’s problem in her family. Almost every secret is shared to her first. Almost every joyous news or sadness is shared to her first, because she knows how to handle it. Her finger caresses someone’s hair or back and soothes.

She spots out danger before her husband around her house. In the office or in business, she is more wise and daring to get in to more deals. She is very protective of her belongings and her families. She can’t be cheated easily by outsiders,….may be if she falls in love….that may happen.

Oh , my sister, my mother, my aunts, my nieces, my grandmothers and…you’re all beautiful. The man who doesn’t appreciate you, become a man because of you. Your advice, your nourishment, your guidance brought him up and he became a man. If he forgets that and say bad things about you, just forgive him. No matter where you are, or no matter who you are, there’s no creature which is beautiful like you. You are a mother of all.

A woman is beautiful. Tell me what’s not beautiful about her? Show me please, incase if you see any ugliness in her. If you find one which I couldn’t see, I’ll call myself blind.

All I know about you is; “ YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!”

Do you know this song? It’s one of my favorite.

“You’re beautiful x3

The way you are.”

Sing it along with me, because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Girl Power
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