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Zimbabwean women

Imagine being raped on top of your husband. How can one regain her self esteem having been made to go through such trauma, how can confidence lost be retain, how can the anguish bottled up be calmed, how can hope be instilled in some one who got the HIV virus by being gang raped by a bunch of unfeeling heartless hooligans.

“Wathinta abafazi wathinta imbokodo” “if you touch a woman you have touched a rock” goes the Zulu saying describing women. This saying depicts women as rocks upon which the foundation on the family is being built on. It is a phrase that truly depicts the women in Zimbabwe who have been subjected to so many calamities. They deserve being applauded for standing firm and fight for their families.
Zimbabwe has been subjected to social evils like political violence, economic meltdown which subsequently lead social disorder be it in families and communities. The political violence outbreak experienced during the post 2008 elections saw families been disintegrated as people had to flee for their lives leaving their families behind. The Murambatsvina (Clean up campaign where homes were destroyed in a bid “to bring clealiness in the country”) phase saw families being dislocated and some homeless. The economic meltdown saw women as caregivers struggling to come up with decent meals for their families. It was a painful sight to see a woman utilizing rotten tomatoes in order to prepare soup the situation was worsened because one would have a bag full of Zimbabwean notes which could not even buy one a decent meal for the day because the shelves were empty.

It was the woman, as a care giver who had to bear the full brunt of these unfortunate circumstances. I applaud the women in Zimbabwe for the good work done and the resilience shown during these turbulent moments.

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