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    From my teenage years my purpose in life has been to speak out about what is being done to us as women and to work for change.. In the 1960's we created a new wave of the women's movement in Canada. Working against violence against women became my life work. Now a half century later I understand more deeply how determined the powers that be are determined to keep women oppressed through this patriarchal system. But through our work together I have celebrated thousands of women discovering how beautiful they are. I find joy in women finding freedom. Since discovering World Pulse I am so heartened every time I read a story written by a woman who has found her strength. This community gives me such hope. This is a dream coming true. We who hold this dream of ending all forms of violence are finding each other. I am honoured take part.

    A quantum leap for the energy that has been suppressed to take its rightful place, women respected and free.

    “We are in a historical moment due to the momentum we are creating globally. We are strong together in ways we have never been before. This is what I live to make happen.”









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