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12 to watch in 2012!

I know, I know. I’m supposedly on a self-declared shut-down, but I couldn’t resist sharing my top 12 people, trends, sites, and organizations to watch in 2012!!

In no particular order...


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  • @InnovateAfrica – About to unleash the philanthropic and intellectual capital of the African Diaspora for collective social investment on the continent!

  • Re-Action – A private-sector endeavor to change the way we look at monitoring and evaluation in our sector.

  • USAID FORWARD – A reform effort by Raj that we’re all watching closely. (And yes, I someday hope Dr. Shah and I can be on a first name basis.)

  • The Broker Online – Sound thinking on the future of aid from an independent international magazine on globalization and development.

  • The Listening Project from CDA Collaborative Projects – They’ve got data on listening exercises with over 6,000 people in societies on the receiving end of aid. So they’ve got lots more to say!

  • – helps the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship to connect. I love to watch the number groups registered on their site grow! At last count, now up to 113,740.

  • hiiDunia – Where do all of those research papers that were written for professors or donors go after they’re submitted? No longer just to the dusty shelf but to hiiDunia! They’ve got a really comprehensive blogroll as well.

  • Mathare Valley Blog – I’d love to see more and more sites like this one in the coming year and see more of the power of web 2.0 tools in action at the community level.

  • Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg of Can? We? Save? Africa? – Her organization, Akili Dada, is (dare I say?) putting Oprah’s school to shame!

  • – Want to know why I’m hopeful about the future of aid work? Just take a look at this thoughtful and reflective site created by and for students, graduates and young professionals in development work.

  • Sparks Microgrants – A great example of locally-responsive aid. Appropriate scale. “Beneficiaries” as change makers.” This is what is possible, folks. And finally...

  • This space right here – It’s the time for to up its game. Stay tuned for future opportunities to join in! Exciting stuff ahead in the new year!

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