16 days of Activism against GBV day 3

We are still on 16 days campaign against Gender Base violence and today we are talking about physical violence 🤦🤦.

Physical violence is simply p when violence exhibited on a person's results with visible effects or injury. 

 women and children are the most affected in this case because physically, men are stronger and Apt than women although we have a minority of women who beats up thier husbands.

However, it should be noted that this form of violence is the most common in our society. And most persons have lost thier lives through it. Just few weeks back we heard of a man who got his wife (a teacher) beaten until she lost her life. When this happened the man ran away while the police are still after Him. If caught, he will eventually go to jail, while the wife will be buried. My question is ....

What happens next to thier 3 kids???

Who is at the loosing end?? 

It should be noted that base on Tv report , the woman ran to her neighbor to complaint but her neighbor said she doesn't want to be involved in couples wahala and rather took the woman back to her home where the husband boldly told the woman in the presence of the neighbor that "je vais te tuer" i will k*ll you. But despite this threat, the neighbor still left the victim behind and two days after the woman was beaten again and this time around unfortunately was the bone that break the Carmel's back as she died.

This short story and questions above mentioned is brought in just to illustrate the devastating consequences of GBV in our homes, community and society.... however, it has been noticed that the ignorance of people around us and thier inability to assist victims of GBV is very high Which is the more reason why we must joint hands together to sensitive and eradicate this phenomenon of GBV in and around us.

Had it been this neighbor had an idea of what to do when a victim of GBV runs to her she would have been able to help her by directing her to appropriate quarters that would have been of help. This however will consist of our topic for another Day. Meanwhile we continue to say:



16 Days
Peace Building
Peace for Cameroon
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