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2013 here I am!

Dear Friends and members of WP.

I was not here to wish you Happy New Year at the very beginning. It is always, better late than never :-)

Tonight, it is already past 10:20pm here in Australia. I know if I said to me write a post tomorrow it can take for ever. Tomorrow is a never ending day.

I hope all of your had a great ending with Christmas cheers and had a brilliant start to 2013. I wish each and everyone of you on this forum a very blessed and a successful year ahead. I hope all of you smile and laugh, enjoy and celebrate and have fun living a blessed life.

The USA President Obama has got a second chance to serve his country and I do hope he makes the right decisions. His decisions not only only impact the USA citizens but citizens around the world. I hope he is more thoughtful in his decisions and has the courage to stand for the right deeds. May god bless him and USA and the world.

Australia - where I live. The head of Australia Julia has much challenges ahead of her. The refugees, immigrants and the citizens, tax, unemployment, homeless and education and many more. I hope she takes the right decisions by the her people. May God bless Australians.

The Maldives - where I was born. The political situation is out of hand. The democracy has collapsed. The division of the country among the people has created the worst kind of environment for people to live and kinds to grow. No work for the youth. Mr Gayoom who was the president of Maldives for 30 years still want to be back. He has created such loyalty among the large group of Maldivians. People like Gasim (Buruma) has also created people who are loyal to him regardless what they do. Maldivians a population of about than 300,000.00 people are in denial. I do wish the countries who where involved in the Maldives like UK and USA would seek thr truth without making bias decisions that further cripples the situation in Maldives.

There is so much to express and I can express my feelings, thoughts and emotions here. Talk without action is not worth enough. I take this opportunity to wish all Maldivian a better future. I hope that 2013 elections will be conducted fairly. If Mohamed W H M is character is similar to M A Gayoom then it is unlikely. Let me tell you now that I remember mentioning elections!

It was during the time of Gayooms my secret vote was not anymore secret after the vote. I was encouraged by the Sh. Komandoo leaders that it would be appreciated that if I voted for Gayoom. The key purpose of the leaders was to get 100% for Gayoom to be in his favour. They walked with me up to the ballot and would have got inside to check if I did not ask for my rights to vote in confidentiality.

It is going to be a painful situation in Maldives. I fear for Maldivians. I had to express myself and upload on the WWW to make my self better :-)

2012 has been a great year from me and I am looking forward to a grand 2013. I am grateful at least my personal life is on tops. Wish you all a wonderful 2013

HAPPY 2013

With love

South and Central Asia
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