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2013 VOF Week 1

Week One Assignment, 2013 VOF
Web 2.0 in my opinion is like a fresh blooming flower indiscriminately offering a lot of visual, optical and even fragrant prospects to all who encounter the flower. This flower in its full bloom at this moment can attract even the worst of skeptics who drawn by its beauty will want to feel it, touch it and even smell it.
This is the alluring mystery intrigue and seemingly customized nature that excites me about Web 2.0. Web 2.0 offers real time, tailored, responsive information to users the world over, offering each and every one of its users’ great opportunities to learn, share information and experiences, pick opportunities and use available information to excel or deal with real life situations.
In addition the ability of the various platforms on Web 2.0; twitter, whats app, blogs, face book; to support interaction amongst users in real time or even through the provision of feedback reinforces one of man’s greatest needs, the need for social interaction because man is a social animal.
Web 2.0 brings the power of information and enlightenment to the global women’s empowerment. Information can no longer be the preserve of men and a few emancipated women. Information shall be shared freely across the board all over the world and at the right time when it can be used to improve the lives of women.
Web 2.0 also brings the power of poetry, prose into information and communication sharing and seemingly ‘humanises’ communication. I feel this is a big contribution in as far as women are emotional human beings and Web 2.0 has therefore provided an opportunity for women across the women to reach out to one another and soothe, help to heal each other’s hurts by connecting through the Web 2.0 platform.
Web 2.0 is also a big solution for women’s empowerment for it bridges distances in less than minutes and at minimal cost to the involved parties, there by responding to the issue of resources in a world where little or no money is availed to women’s issues.
I also think Web 2.0 caters for so many diverse needs and can be adapted and adopted to suit each and every individual need. One does not have to participate in a discussion on slavery and trade if they preferred women’s health, domestic violence experiences or other conversations.
Web 2.0 can be empowering for me as an individual in as far as I can get so much information, education and communication in interesting formats, and will help me enlighten myself and improve myself and the people around me. I will also be able to speak and write from an informed point of view.
Web 2.0 will also help me contribute to eliminating some of the biases that exist in form of cultural religious practices, social exclusion and will provide me with an insight on how women the world over have tackled some of those biases. I also welcome the opportunity to make new friends and networks in the world pulse community.

Gender-based Violence
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