A beautiful response!

Dear Sisters,

Your responses to my letter of invite - to sit on this esteemed council of women (and one man!) to help shape the future of PulseWire – gave me chills of inspiration as I basked in the glow of your personal achievements, leadership prowess, and commitment to build and grow this unique and powerful platform so that women everywhere can speak for themselves, share needed resources, and collaborate globally to accelerate change!

We just finished up an exciting few weeks here at the World Pulse office and I'm excited to celebrate them with you. First, as you have all heard and seen, we recently launched the new Homepage design of WorldPulse.com, along with a new Magazine page, and Action Center!

We also just came off of a powerful and productive board/staff retreat where we worked on strategic planning and a re-centering on our mission and values as we move our programs into the future to reach more women and have greater impact on the world. Halima read aloud her letter via Skype to the board, the same letter she wrote to all of you, and we introduced you as our PusleWire Advisory Council. Our staff and board couldn’t be more thrilled to know that such a diverse, passionate and capable council would be leading us into the future.

And last, but not least, this week we announced our 2nd Annual Voices of Our Future citizen journalism training program! PulseWire is exploding with new members from Papua New Guinea to Romania, who are all anxiously awaiting to apply this September for the next class of World Pulse Correspondents.

Many of you asked about the exact role, responsibilities, and level of commitment this council demands. We’re still working on developing the specific roles of this council – but the commitment and responsibilities are on whatever level you can personally offer. Some issues that we wish to bring to this council in the very near future include: helping us define and measure World Pulse’s impact in the world, test our upcoming PulseWire Survey to be sure we’re asking the right questions, and to advise us in developing the new design of PulseWire and prioritizing needed features.

And this is also a place where Halima can draw advice, insight and inspiration before board meetings, as well as report back afterward to share her experience.

I would also like to invite all of you to come forth with your ideas for making PulseWire a more collaborative space. Share with me and the rest of the council your innovative solutions for engaging members, sparking discussions, and creating opportunities to increase our impact. This is your community, your family and your home – so don't hesitate to take full ownership and help us shape it to be THE network for the women’s movement!

More updates soon to come. Peace be with you!

In friendship and solidarity,

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