A breath of fresh air

It was a slight movement

Dad shouldn't have noticed

But he turned just in time

To catch little Windi in his tracks

Where did you go last night?'he bellowed

'to and fro' was the quick response

'And where do you think you are going?'

'To give a breath of fresh air '

Dad gave a snort of disbelief

And continued with a piercing gaze

'Is it true what your mother is saying?'

Windi could not quite look into dad's eyes

'I was just having fun '

'Fun you say .

Indeed you really gave a breath of fresh air by putting terror in the hearts of so many '

'Dad, it's not a big deal '

Earthie, Firy and watera do worse and their parents don't breathe down their necks'

Dad took a threatening step closer

'I will breathe down your neck and send you to the next planet '

'the news reporter exaggerated dad. I destroyed ten thousand homes and not twelve. Besides who cares about those creatures,they are stup..

'Never describe them in that way 'Dad interjected

'Dad why does it matter that much if we hurt them. They hurt themselves so much more '

By this time tears were running down dad's eyes.

It wasn't so from the beginning ',he explained ' They were meant to dominate, to rule, to even tell us what to do . To...

'No way ' Windi interrupted

It's true 'Dad insisted

'then what happened'Windi asked

'They rebelled'

Climate Change
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