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A different world is calling me, I have to say goodbye.

Few hours left before an internship life begins in Japan. The excitement of exploring a different world is of course there but I can't sit back with the feeling of saying good bye to this room I stayed in from one year. My beautiful balcony has been very kind to me over the period. It has served me as a music studio where my first song " E khur Jahana bi Hal Baru goyan" made me a hero. ( LOL) Lots many criticized, quite a few appreciated and very close one started having issues that were later resolved. I was bullied, threatened of messing up with culture and on a few pages I was openly criticized and bla bla, but later on dealing with different sort of people I came out more strong and passionate with more messing up with any sort of discriminatory norms. Those days of life in this room when I used to get cursing messages from random people I would be like " Are they kidding me". Its because once you are committed to something deeply rooted in you then there is no other force to hold you back. In this room I committed to my commitments again. In this room i face some deed shits, faced them and chased them to hell afterwards. HAHA. My balcony was not just a music studio to me but a gateway to steal some moments from the wide open sky in front of me.Now we can't expect chill days always. In order to appreciate the sun rain has to come for sure. I felt low at times but that again my balcony has shared moments of some peace with me. When ever I have looked at the sky from my balcony I have always felt deep connection with it. Its like so wide and huge you can do anything without complaining getting bored. Sky is unlimited and that's the beauty of it. You can think back to your childhood and good time with good people. You think of people and yourself. You make plans and think and re think and think about so.many different things. Staring sky means dwelling into abundant thinking's. I have always loved the sky and always will. Moments in balcony has made me believe that the wider the sky is it is not the limit. I have met some interesting people over the period of my stay in this room and that I am glad to encounter. It has been a great source of learning and social gathering. I have lived some real moments with my sister as my roommate in this room. That was the best thing to have happened. Some very lovely moments with friends this room carries and its getting hard to say good bye. My journey in this room ends here today but a new dawn somewhere is waiting for me. I am hopeful to make upcoming moments in life as successful as I have made in this room. Its now the time to taste the sky in Japan. How does it taste! I will keep you posted with some more stories. Stay in touch.

Tokyoo!! Here I am coming. )

South and Central Asia
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