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A Letter to My Daughter

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Dear Angel, I don’t know when I will carry you in my womb or hold you in my arms but all I know is that you will be the best thing that will ever happen to me as a reward for true love. I have a lot that I want to say to you and teach you when you finally grace my way and more when you get to your teenage years.

Baby, you are a precious gem, and no matter what comes your way never think otherwise. Life will show itself in different shapes but I want you to be keen enough to know what shape to adapt and blossom in.

Education is vital, so when you get to school pay attention and focus because it is a phase that must be exploited to the latter. When you get to university please keep off from distractions because they will do you no good. Don’t succumb to peer pressure and don’t be the trendy girl, it is okay to be experimental but not at the expense of your bright future.

Life has seasons and phases, go through them one at a time and be patient with yourself. If you must compete let it be with yourself. Learn to tell yourself the truth and wait for the perfect time for things to happen. Don’t rush because there are no shortcuts to a place worth going. Explore while doing life and enjoy each moment as it comes.

Keep doing you not to be seen but to fulfill yourself and somehow nature will reward you handsomely because good deeds can be ignored but their impacts will be felt for a very long time. Consistency has a way of pushing you up the ladder.

Do not lose hope, just because today didn’t favor you it doesn’t mean tomorrow will fail you as well. Pat yourself at the back and keep moving and somehow when you least expect you will get the fruits of your hard work.

Choose your career wisely because it is not all about you but also those surrounding you. You can crawl, swim, fly, or walk toward your success but never use your dignity to be successful, Earn it don’t buy it with your dignity because the hustle to your success is what makes it beautiful and worth the ride. If it comes easily you might spend the rest of your life paying for the damages.

Chase your dreams, not men, and the right man will be attracted to you at the appropriate time. Days are gone when a woman belonged to the kitchen, this era wants more than a wife to navigate through it successfully. Be the rich wife and not the rich man’s wife. Never give up on anything you want to do because you’re the only one who can do it better, learn to visualize all your dreams.

Mark you this is a society full of uncertainty, people doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons so always read the writings on the wall and do right by people not because karma will hunt you down because it is the right thing to do. Never offend the wrong person, nature doesn’t forget so keep your hands clean.

Let good character and humanity define and vouch for you, it can never be wrong. Be the person who pushes others to be the best version of themselves not because of bonds, but because humanity makes you equal. Don’t judge people by their social classes, level of education, or tribe, you might end up picking a stone and leaving a gem in the mad, giving people equal chances to be better.

Life has no rehearsal, live it to the fullest. Never regret being loyal and genuine it is their loss and above all don’t change for people because you might ruin yourself while trying to impress someone who never appreciated you from the start. A few bad experiences shouldn’t define you give yourself all the chances you need, you owe yourself that.

I love you and I wish you all the best in life, I pray your legacy lives on even when you’re gone so please embrace the gift of life and unleash all your potential. Don’t chance away your soul onto damnation while trying to prove that you’re smart yet making the wrong decisions out of ignorance, work on yourself for the sake of your sanity!

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