A passionate appeal to young girls to never sell so short by trading off immediate gains for future fortunes.

Some ladies think that dating a monied man in college is the ultimate fortune because she will live the life that her fellow comrades can only dream about.

I remember the previous year my friend left hostels to live in a rented house under the sponsorship of a lover. Their relationship grew quickly and she termed it as love at first sight.

The boyfriend would send her money in thousands and we honestly envied her. From the beginning before she engaged herself in the relationship, it was clear to everyone that she was destined to be an excellent person in life because she was smart-working, curious, charming and brilliant. Everyone liked and admired her.The so called boyfriend would travel all the way from the city every weekends to see her, since our campus is located in a different county far from Nairobi. They would spend the weekends together and somehow the guy would extend for some days at different times. During the extended days, my friend would miss classes in the name of securing her relationship.

By the time we joined second semester, my friend had aborted more than three times. I remember the first time she did abortion she had complications where after several check-ups she was reportedly having incomplete abortion a condition where fetal parts or other products of pregnancy may not be completely emptied from the uterus, resulting into infection and bleeding.During that time she underwent serious psychological effects, she was very depressed, lowered her self -esteem, regret, flashbacks and started engaging in substance abuse. We talked to her, other friends offered guidance and counselling to her. Even after undergoing all that, after she healed she continued practicing abortion after a successful abortion during the second pregnancy.

At the end of second semester, I was at home celebrating Christmas eve, she called me asking whether I will accommodate her during our second year, first semester for at least 3days because she was not in good terms with her boyfriend. She further added another text saying that she would tell me something that I should not disclose to anyone. Because I was too curious, I told her I wanted her to disclose the sectret to me at that moment. She went ahead and told me that she wanted me to help her abort in my house because she was afraid to abort at home because her mother would notice and she would be too annoyed with her. I was all shocked! Because that meant that she thought her behaviour was not annoying me too. I told her I could not support that because life begins at conception and making abortion is a murder. How could someone come and do abortion in your house and in your presence? Since then she stopped talking to me. I didn’t have any problem with that because I have reached a level of self confidence in my decisions, where when people walk out of my life I let them be.

Men are attracted by what they see but they are kept by what they sense. He will be drawn by your physicalities but he will only stay with you because of your principles. In a world of looseness and moral, you should always learn to be a different breed, keep yourself preserved and keep your physical boundaries strictly.

Stop overlooking disrespect just because you want to be understanding.Do not be surprised when people begin to leave your life. Growth comes with many goodbyes. When they tell you you’ve changed a lot tell them a lot has changed me A lot of rehalization has changed you.

You can't serve 2 masters at the same time. You can't manage sexual activities with studies because at the end of it you'll have Concentrated in one area than the other. Let's embrace self respect.

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