A Non-Conformist Young Woman in her Twenties

Brief introduction of myself and my personality

Random photo of me in all my tenderness

I am Iheoma Uzomba, a spoken word poet and artist based in Nigeria. On the side, I am a professional copywriter/ social media manager.

I like to fancy myself a non-conformist because I have never been the kind of woman to get subdued by conventional norms. My kind of religion is laced in self-fulfillment. I graduated from the University of Nigeria with First Class honors and as the Best Graduating student of my set. More than anything, I am pleased to be a source of inspiration to other young women looking to learn, grow and become their best selves.

I independently grew my social media platforms where I put out spoken word poetry content and every day, I am looking to make friends with other women on this path to self-actualization.

I am open to collaborations, learning, and other exciting opportunities. So glad to be here.

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