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A Recap of the Greight foundation zambian experiance


9th January is a day that will for ever be memorable to the girls who attended the greight foundation in Zambia.

The girls came from different parts of the community and were very anxious to learn about what was in store for them. The two hours program started at 15:30 hours. Six girls’ ages 10 to 16 years old attended. The program started with a prayer from Mwasa, who was also part of the facilitators.

There was an introduction of the participants. The girls are all in their primary level of education.
After introducing to them about the greight foundation program, the girls were excited to learn that the program was all about motivation and empowerment.
The first activity that the girls did, was to draw or write what they dreamed of becoming upon completing school..
After they wrote and draw what they hoped to be in future, the girls were asked to present their work. One by one they presented;
The program also did an energizer where the girls sang and had fun.

While most of them wanted to do teaching, others wanted to be doctors. But the question was asked on how the intended to do this;
I need to study hard and pass at school says matha

I want to become a teacher to help the vulnerable children in my community to become responsible people and live well says Judith one of the participants

A motivational talk was given to the girls as they asked a number of questions especially about the program….

Upon exhausting the objective of the program, they girls had this to say;

I am excited and looking forward to my mentor says Mary

It is the first time am experiencing such an activity as this, I have learnt a lot and am happy to be here says matha.

The program ended at 17 hours and the girls dispersed looking forward to meeting their mentors and start communicating with them….

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