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A sad look at my environment.

Although I don't have enough voice to shout, my eyes are already trying to lock themselves in. Being a young Congolese, I tell myself that it's time to act, don't you think ?To intervene for the one who offers us life for this Earth full of goodness and without worry Who suffers and bends to us. I am a young man of the twentieth century, born in an environment not only unhealthy but also beginning to suffering from deforestation, global warming, extinction...these make the headlines.Endangered species make headlines in the hearts.The polar bear without fur, Which slowly dissipates in age.Symbol of dehumanization.Symbol of nature in annoyance. Skeletal bodies of animals abandoned By a humanity in its passions strongly carried away. Each element in its own way, The last cry of pain, Of a nature today forever resentful. The ice is breaking in the Arctic our zones green trees perish just as quickly. Big fires break out and the temp Eratures mount.Popular pressure bends and politicians lie.Closed fist on fashionable ideals.Which lead us so far from the real world.Here we are slaves to desires destroying lifestyles to maintain, Where a piece of bark is to be cherished. Parade in vain of new creations in the world of fashion in extension, But to see the world pass before our eyes Such as profoundly unhappy, It is the Reality that we choose for a long time! does not actually want to break between us and the passions, To leave room for good ecological intentions... I read today in the news That it will soon no longer be as beautiful. That our Blue is extinguished under our noses Without Let nothing be done.Let's be brave, let's be committed.Let's decide, let's go out, let's act.Dying is the forgotten Blue and it's time!I was only expressing my feelings in the face of reality.

Yves Ashuza

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