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A STITCH IN TIME.....part 2

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As children grow up, they become aware of the sexuality in them during adolescent stage. If they are not protected by adults, their sexuality can be abused by sexually perverted adults and other child that has been sexually abused.
These could happen in the following ways:
Incest: this is sexual abuse on a child which is carried out by a member of the child’s family example, a father having sex with his child
Rape: this is sexual abuse carried out by any other person that is not related to the child. It is often associated with violence such as hitting the person, beating and treats
Child marriage: this is giving a child out in marriage before the child is old enough to marry because of financial gains such an act will bring to the family
Child trafficking (sexual slavery): some children are taken to other places far from their homes and family and are introduce to prostitution so that they can bring gain to those that took them there.
Homosexuality and lesbianism: usually not chosen but subtly or sometimes forcefully introduced to the child by an older person.
Masturbation: this is an act of playing or fondling with ones genitals to arouse sexual excitement. It results in a problem in later years called premature ejaculation.

Dangers of early sex
Sex is meant primarily for procreation i.e. for bringing forth ones kind for the purpose of continuity. If this gift of God is misuse, what is meant to bless can also be a source of curse and pain.
The following are negative consequences’ of sex:
SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES: diseases such as HIV/AIDS and other STDS can are usually transmitted through multiple sexual partners.
UNPLANNED AND UNWANTED PREGNANCY: this can and usually disrupts the life of the young girl involve and will eventually lead to quitting school.
ABORTION: when a girl gets pregnant side wedlock, most often, the sexual planner persuade her to go for abortion. This is a delicate thing because if not properly done, it can lead to complication that sometimes takes a person’s life.
DEPRESSION: feeling of failure and shame can lead to depression and sometimes insanity.
It is necessary that a child discuss with an adult as soon as a child right is abused sexually. The child needs to know that no one will beat or punish him/her if an abuse is reported no matter the severity of the threat of the abuser. No child should be made to suffer these things so children should be advise to talk to any adult they can trust as soon as they are sexually violated or even when such acts are suspected.
Why not give the next generation a head start in life by giving them a solid foundation of mental, emotional socio patterns?

Gender-based Violence
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