A very interesting book from Italy

I've just finished reading my copy of the book \"Ma le donne no - Come si vive nel Paese più maschilista d'Europa\", by Caterina Soffici, published by Feltrinelli.

(A sloppy translation of the title could be \"Women? Please not. How life is in the most male-chauvinist country in Europe\" - in the whole World, I add)

It took a longer time than I expected, with its just two hundred pages, and (quite unusual for me on these times) in Italian. My fault! (And little time available).

But, if you can, and you are from Italy, read it if you haven't done already.

And after have read it, I'll be glad discussing.

Meanwhile: despite the (I'm afraid low) sales statistics, the problem figured out is real, deeply unjust, and deeply ingrained in Italian society. A change, even a (soft?) revolution is on urgent demand. The stake is plainly our society survival.

Last, I have to thank Caterina Soffici a lot. She has said it!


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