A woman assaulted at the middle of busy road in Kathmandu

Yesterday I came across a link in facebook where was the story of a woman assaulted at the middle of the busy street in Kathmandu, Ratnapark at around 9 pm. First they ripped off all her clothes and then they dragged her to the whole city. The Metropolitan city police 30 seconds away from the place of the incident took 30 minutes to reach there. When they reached there the woman was naked and was beaten up very badly at vital organs as well. The other people were also there but they did not take any action against those brutal men who assaulted her very badly, she kept on shouting for help but the whole city had gone deaf. The police did not take any action against those men and the assaulted woman has not filed case against those men fearing the social outcast. So the woman’s voice remains unheard and the woman is not given justice. The men punished her blaming for being characterless but they have no right to punish. The impunity in this country is increasing day by day.

This is not just the case of one woman and there are many other cases which never come to the light. This case has not been covered by the so called “Responsible Media” of this nation. This news came through the citizen journalism which left me speechless. This story hit me as there could be other women as well, there could have been my mother, sister, my friends and me as well and if we sit still like this then who knows who will be the next victim. So we need to take action against it so I request the woman worldwide to suggest how can we work on minimizing these situations not only in Nepal but worldwide.

To view the whole post please visit the link: http://www.mysansar.com/temp/1056.html

The post is written in Nepali but there are pictures showing the brutal men and the victimized woman, the face of woman has been blurred.

I request all of you to provide feedback, suggestions and comments regarding this and what can be done to minimize these brutal behaviors.

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