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A virtuous woman is described as a woman whose price is above ‘Rubies’. She is a woman who cannot be bought with any currency in the world; no price can be placed on her. An absolute description of a virtuous woman can be found in the bible (Prov. 31:10-23). Suffice to say, she is an embodiment of glory and light. She radiates grace, beauty, honour and she is very hard working.

She is described as a woman full of genuine love for her husband and children; she takes responsibility for everything that happens in the house. Although God has placed man as head of his family, providing safety and physiological needs (house, food etc); He made woman to make most of the planning and the strategic moves to ensure life is beautiful for man and his entire household. When the chips are down, the woman is there to ensure that the man still keeps his head up, making sure all goes well.

This is made possible for her because of the strength that God bestowed upon her when she was created. The holy book says ‘she guards her loin with strength and strengthens her arm’ (proverbs 31:17). That inner strength cannot be purchased with money, gold, silver or diamonds etc. As a result of her strength, her hard work, business acumen, honour and beauty, she has become a force to reckon with. She cannot be pulled down, trampled upon, treated like a piece of used tissue dumped in the bin. She is a woman of substance! She is important to her family and to the economy of her nation. Why then does a woman allow herself to be treated in an impious manner?

God created woman with so much strength, He endowed her with power and authority although she is to submit to a higher authority. He crowned her with beauty and honour... all it takes to live a fulfilled life. Why then are women afraid to take up the challenge that will help them fulfil their destiny; why suffer in silence... The world is waiting for you to explode woman, the world is waiting for you to manifest the glory that has been bestowed on you.

Arise! O virtuous woman; wake up woman of substance. Enough of your weeping, enough of your shame, enough of self pity, enough of blaming yourself; rise up to be what God wants you to be. The time has come for you to shine because the glory of God is risen upon you and your light will ‘no longer go out’. Put your past behind you, look at your present situation and invest in your future. Forgive yourself and discover who you really are so that you can deal with the issues you have swept under the carpet for years. As you unfold things, light comes your way and those dark areas of your life will begin to fade away then you can get to the level of self-actualisation. Those dreams of yours can then become reality. You can do it, you can achieve it. A woman of substance is an achiever!

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